A healthy lifestyle guide for freelancers

For many people, the conditions of freelancing at home are very appealing. The fact that you can lay in your pajamas on your warm and soft sofa at home and earn money may be pleasant, but you may have many problems after a short period of time. Freelancers are people who work remotely as an independent person, and usually their working time is in their own hands, which alone is a great advantage. If you decide to work as a freelancer, you should know that your work and lifestyle will inevitably undergo changes. The changes that happen in the lifestyle of freelancers generally make them face absolute freedom. In this article, we will introduce you important tips for having a healthy freelance lifestyle, which will help you keep your body and soul healthy. Key Features Effective in the Freelance Lifestyle Freelancing means that you prefer to work as an independent individual rather than being employed by another person or organization on a full-time or part-time basis with a long-term commitment. Freelancing is a job where the working time is usually in your own hands. These conditions greatly affect the lifestyle of freelancers. People who work as employees have to adjust their lifestyle according to the demands and working conditions of that organization. They cannot decide what hours of the day to work, what day of the week to travel, or even what environment to work in. These conditions are not only for employees. Even people who have so-called freelance jobs must work at a certain time. But what are the features of freelancing that affect the lives of freelancers? Stay with us to read the answer to this question and many other questions in this field. Freedom to choose working hours Freelancers do not need to wake up early in the morning and rush to get to their workplace on time. The freelance life gives freelancers the freedom to work whatever hours they want and rest whenever they feel like it. Some people may be more productive for work from morning to afternoon, and others may choose the silence and peace of the night to work. This feature is one of the biggest advantages of freelancing and people who work in this way can manage their time according to the efficiency of their mind. In this case, they are able to work better and more usefully and deliver the final product to the employer in the best possible way. Of course, freedom in working hours may be pleasant at first glance, but it may be harmful in the long run. Research shows that working at night and resting and sleeping during the day puts the health of the body and soul at risk. Freedom in the amount of work. In addition to choosing their working hours, freelancers can also determine the duration and amount of work each day. Maybe one freelancer prefers to work 5 hours a day and take on fewer projects, while another freelancer may be able to work 8 hours a day and take on more projects. This allows you as a freelancer to have freedom in your monthly income. This makes the lifestyle of freelancers directly affect their income. Be careful that the increase in income does not cause lack of sleep and other problems in your life. Increasing working hours may lead to a direct increase in your income, but also consider your abilities; Never risk your physical and mental health just to increase your income. Freedom in choosing the work environment. Maybe some freelancers want to work in the warm and soft comfort of their room, and others choose a shared space like a cafe to do their projects. As you know, the work environment has a great impact on the worker and the quality of work. Some people are more focused in quiet environments and some prefer working in crowded environments. Others may get tired of working in repetitive environments and want to change their work environment once in a while. Freelancing allows you to freely choose your work environment and do your projects in an environment that you enjoy. Freedom in choosing the cover in many work environments, even choosing the type of cover is not in your hand. You should wear formal attire to appear in your work environment. Sometimes you are even only allowed to wear the uniform of that company, which is determined without interfering with your taste. In freelancing, you can freely choose your type of coverage. Of course, note that this freedom does not mean breaking the norm. In today’s society, freelancers are also limited in their type of coverage. Unless they have chosen the home environment to do their projects! Important tips to achieve a healthy freelance lifestyle, creating the right habits in any work will increase efficiency and improve the quality of life. In freelancing, due to the absolute freedom, many people find many problems after a while, all of which are caused by their lifestyle. The lifestyle that freelancers generally lead due to their type of work causes problems such as obesity, inactivity, isolation, etc. in a very short period of time. In order to avoid serious problems, it is necessary to observe some things to lead a healthy lifestyle and live properly and healthily while working as a freelancer. Have a daily schedule If you want to work as a freelancer, first of all you should know that having a regular daily schedule is very necessary for you. People who work as employees unconsciously live according to a regular daily schedule. But due to the characteristics of freelancing, most people lead their lives without any planning, and this causes serious damage to their work and life in a short period of time. In order to have a proper and efficient schedule, you must follow a few things: Wake up earlier in the morning If you want to have more useful hours during the day and be able to work without distractions, you need to start your day a little earlier. Waking up late and sleeping late, not only causes you to lose useful daily hours, but it has also been scientifically proven that sleeping at night is much more useful than resting and sleeping during the day. Manage your time. Freelancers don’t have an employer that forces them to do projects and work at certain hours. This makes many freelancers use this opportunity wrongly and risk their health. Some freelancers harm their health by working too much during the day, and others do the opposite; They use the flexibility of their time wrongly and if they do not manage their time properly, the work may be delayed and they have to work around the clock in the last days to deliver the project on time and risk their health. throw Therefore, time management is especially important for freelancers. Manage your projects We all like to earn more money. But this issue in freelancing has caused many freelancers to devote a lot of time to work and take so many projects that they have no free time to relax and have fun. If you take such a method, you may be very happy and satisfied at the beginning of your work, but over time, you will be exhausted and you will realize that you have been neglecting your life and family all this time. Failure to manage projects will not only harm your personal life, soul and body, but will also affect the quality of your work; Due to the high workload, you cannot deliver the projects to the employer with the desired quality, and you have only spent a lot of energy and time on the work. Exercise Try to add exercise to your daily routine. Freelancers, due to their working conditions, find themselves behind their computer system in strange ways all the time they are working. Exercising not only increases blood circulation in the brain and leads to increased concentration power, but it is also very useful and even necessary for physical health. Therefore, we suggest that you exercise a little before starting work and at the beginning of the morning. In addition, exercising at the beginning of the day makes you feel more useful and by increasing your energy level and mental readiness, you can complete your projects with better quality. Define the boundary between your work and life Any experienced freelancer you ask will surely tell you that too much freedom and no management can become a major disadvantage of freelancing instead of an advantage. To have a healthy freelance lifestyle, you must define the boundary between your work and your life. For this purpose, you should only work when you are working and not focus on other things and the surrounding environment. This also applies to your personal life. That is, the time you have allocated for your family and rest, just rest and leave work completely. Note that the line between work and life of freelancers is very thin and as a freelancer, you should maintain your lifestyle as best as possible. Otherwise, the freelance lifestyle will be very detrimental to you. If you don’t have enough energy; Get up from behind the table! Now is the time to use the advantages of your job properly. If you feel like you don’t have enough energy to continue, get up from your desk, step away from your desk so you can give your mind a break and get the energy you need to get back to work. Do not worry! Leaving work for a few minutes and freeing your mind does not make you go away from the subject of your work. On the contrary, it makes you rest a little and come back to work with an open mind and more energy. Remember to pay attention to your daily schedule during your break so that you don’t deviate too much from your daily schedule. Stressful factors in freelancing Many people believe that the most important source of stress in their lives is caused by factors such as long working hours, having a strict boss or conflicts with colleagues in their work environments. The fact that for many people the work environment and conflict with the employer and colleagues causes stress, it has created the false belief that freelance work is a stress-free job due to free working hours and being your own boss. But this opinion is usually not true. Like any other job, freelancing can be stressful at times. In order to reduce this stress, you need to first know what is causing your stress. The stress factors in freelancing are generally the following: Isolation Lack of balance between work and life Distractions The working conditions of freelancers may seem great and tempting, but in practice it can be a stressful process. Among the most important stressful factors in the life of freelancers, the following can be mentioned: Attracting and maintaining clients Freelancers must constantly communicate with different people and try to keep them as potential clients. At the same time, they should use all their power to find new customers. Freelancers do not have the benefits that employees receive. They have to insure themselves, give themselves leave and take on all the duties of an employer. Not finding suitable projects Another major stress factor in freelancing is finding projects. We all know that not finding a project for a freelancer is equal to not having income! But do not worry about this. Today, there are many websites like Punisha’s website that have come up with a solution to solve this big concern. The main task of these websites is to provide services to freelancers and their employers. By becoming a member of the Punisha site, you will be faced with a large number of real projects that you can choose according to your ability and skills, and upon completion of the project, you will receive your fee in full. Lack of time management skills For many freelancers, especially early in the career, learning time management skills to deliver projects can be a bit difficult. The freelancer’s lack of experience in getting suitable projects leads to a lot of stress in his life. Solutions to reduce the stress of freelance work, in order to stay away from these stressful factors as much as possible, you need to know ways to deal with stress. Adjusting the light, temperature and environmental conditions, in addition to the correct selection of equipment and compliance with proper physical principles, environmental conditions also have an effect on improving productivity. Various things such as the presence of sufficient light, comfortable room temperature, the presence of windows and proper ventilation are among the most important factors in the morale and motivation of employees. For example, staring at the computer screen for a long time normally causes eye fatigue. Now, if there is not enough light in the room, after a short period of time, the eye will suffer irreparable damage. Therefore, it is necessary to examine all the tools and factors involved in improving work. Having the right routine to avoid stress, you need to find the best routine to balance your work life. This routine starts with sleeping and waking up at specific times of the day and night. You have to plan your working hours, rest and personal activities. Correct analysis of projects One of the main stressful factors in freelancing is choosing inappropriate projects. You should be able to review the available projects well, pay attention to the project delivery time, your skill and ability and your open projects, and accept the most suitable project to do. Conclusion When you are a freelancer, every project is important. But that doesn’t mean you have to overwhelm yourself with work or work with incompatible clients to the detriment of your physical and mental health. If you want to work as a freelancer and you care about the health of your body and soul, be sure to pay attention to the above and follow them as much as possible. If you think you need more information about freelancing jobs, be sure to check out Poonisha’s blog for a reliable source of useful information.

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