Fixing the hump of the nose Is thread and filler better or nose surgery?

A crooked nose is one of the annoying problems on the face that is caused by hereditary factors or trauma. There is a hump in the middle part of the nose and it causes an ugly appearance in people’s noses; For this reason, many people want to fix their hump as soon as possible. Removing a hump and correcting it is not a difficult task. Removal of protrusion in noses that have a hump is done in two ways, non-surgical and surgical. But is it better to fix a hump with thread or with surgery? Stay with us to find out which method is the best option for you. What is hump nose? The problem of hump nose is usually related to the bone and cartilage behind the nose, but the main cause of hump nose is different for each person. It is the doctor’s responsibility to diagnose the cause of hump nose, he determines the main cause of this problem after examination and examination. Sometimes a hump of the nose occurs as a result of an injury in childhood or an injury to the lower third of the nose, sometimes it is completely hereditary. In any case, several factors cause the middle part of the nose to be crooked, which should be checked by a doctor. The hump of the nose is also diverse in terms of size and size and may be very small or very large and eagle-shaped. Note that the more humped the nose, the more annoying it will be. In nasal hump surgery, with the help of increasing the septum and adding a cartilage graft to the lower area of ​​the nose, indentation and aquiline nose can be corrected. It is the doctor’s responsibility to determine the method of correcting a crooked nose. Important measures before treating hump nose When you intend to treat your hump nose, it is better to be thoroughly examined and evaluated before anything to determine the best method for removing hump nose for you. The examination must be done by a skilled and experienced doctor, for this the doctor needs a radiological picture of the nasal structure. A standard radiological evaluation allows the doctor to understand the underlying cause of the nasal hump. In most cases, the size of the hump of the nose is due to the size of the bone and back plate of the nose or excessive protrusion of the tip of the nose. After diagnosing the main cause of crooked nose, the doctor should pay attention to the condition of the head of the nose and the base of the patient’s nose so that the final results are ideal after the operation. On the other hand, the internal examination of the nose is also necessary, in this examination the condition of the nose blade and cone is evaluated. Examination of the nasal septum helps to make the surgery to reduce the hump of the nose more effective. In hump nose surgery, the actual size of the nose never changes; But the nose becomes more elongated. Humpbacks are usually divided into three categories: false, real, and hidden. Recognizing the type of hump you have will help your doctor to better treat it. For example, to fix the false hump of the nose, it is possible to correct the protrusion of the tip of the nose. In the true hump of the nose, the length of the tip of the nose is equal to the distance between the lips and the nose; But in false nasal hump, the length of the protrusion of the tip of the nose is less than the distance between the lips and the nose. In hidden nasal hump, the length of the protrusion of the tip of the nose is greater than the distance between the patient’s lips and nose. The importance of consulting before the treatment. It is very important to do the initial consultation before removing the hump of the nose. In this consultation, the doctor will tell you everything he has to tell you about the removal of the hump of the nose. After examining the shape of the nose, the nasal airways, the flexibility of the nasal cartilage and the skin tissue, he will tell you what is the right method for treatment. During the counseling session, you must present all your medical history to the doctor. Also, if you decide to get pregnant after surgery, be sure to discuss the issue with your doctor so that he can guide you in the best way. However, most doctors do not recommend women to get pregnant after the operation, because the risks in this method will be twice the normal time. Your doctor should be compassionate and put the best and most effective way in front of you. Note that sometimes, due to the thickness and high fat of the skin, the doctor does not suggest the surgical method. Because the results of surgery in these cases, in addition to spending a lot of money, are not what they should be. In these cases, the applicant can use gel injection or thread lift methods instead of surgery to remove the hump of his nose. In any case, the doctor will suggest you the best way to fix the hump of the nose. How to fix a hump on the nose with surgery can be done in different ways. One of the most effective and common methods is hump nose surgery. Reducing the size of a crooked nose is a popular surgery that will be successful in most cases. Before the surgery, it is necessary for the doctor to reduce the patient’s stress with the help of a sedative injection. In these cases, an anesthesiologist injects the anesthetic along with painkillers and sedatives to the applicant. After the client relaxes, the doctor injects a nerve block (strong pain medication in very precise and low doses) locally in the area of ​​the trigeminal nerve network where the surgery is performed. In this case, the applicant will be ready for a comfortable and hassle-free operation. Fixing a small nose hump If the bump on the nose is small, shaving the surface of the bump is the best solution. Fixing nasal hump in short-base noses If the base of the patient’s nose is short or the tip of the nose is not in the right position, to solve these problems, the doctor uses suture techniques or cartilage tissue grafting to reduce the hump of the nose and the position of the tip and base of the nose. It should be coordinated. Fixing a moderate to severe hump nose in cases where it is moderate to severe, hump nose operation can cause a problem called open roof defect. For this reason, to prevent this problem during surgery, the doctor uses the method of breaking and cutting the nasal bone. To perform surgery to remove the hump of the nose, be sure to visit reputable specialized clinics that operate in this field. Sometimes the doctor removes the hump of the nose by breaking and cutting the bone. In this method, he carefully and skillfully breaks the bone under the bridge of the nose and corrects it inward. To avoid the open roof problem, the doctor can remove the back parts of the nasal bone. The humped nose operation method is designed based on anatomical problems, so in most cases the humped nose must be fixed through surgery. Fixing a severe hump of the nose If the hump of the nose is very severe, the doctor must create a pleasant appearance for the nose by cutting and shaving the bump on the nose blade, and on the other hand, shave a part of the airway inside the nose to make the airway narrower. Considering that the upper lateral cartilage is in the highest part of the nasal airway; Therefore, placing a graft to enlarge the airway in this area can be the best possible solution. Does hump nose surgery have dangerous side effects? Each surgery has its own complications, but the risks can be minimized by choosing the right doctor and following the care tips. After rhinoplasty, a nasal splint is usually used for one week. One day after surgery, the patient is discharged from the clinic and surgery center and must rest at home for two weeks. Complete recovery occurs only when the patient does all the care points correctly. Sometimes a person may have mood disorders after surgery, which is completely normal. In the first days after the operation, bleeding, bruising, swelling of the nose and swelling around the eyes are common and there is nothing to worry about, but if it worsens, be sure to see a doctor. If the doctor has manipulated your nasal bone, the area around the eyes and nose will be swollen and bruised for one to two weeks, which is normal. Occurrence of headache, pain and discomfort after surgery is normal and in most patients it is resolved by taking painkillers. Note that you may have trouble breathing for a few weeks, which will resolve over time. During your recovery period, be sure to be under the supervision of a doctor so that no problems occur to you. Most of the complications of nose surgery, which are dangerous, occur due to the wrong choice of unreliable clinics and inexperienced doctors. So ensure your health by making the correct and principled choice. In this regard, we are proud to introduce the White House Clinic to you. In this collection, all the personnel try to provide the best services at the best price to the clients. Special line: 021-54503 Direct line: 021-88670648 | 88662860 – 021 Immediate response: 88876883 | 88875937 | 88670649 Cosmetic surgery consultant: 09016590119 How to fix the hump of the nose with threads and fillers Recent research has proven that some nose surgeries are not necessary. In other words, non-invasive and non-surgical methods such as nose filler and thread lift can be used instead of surgery. In the method of removing the hump of the nose without surgery, there is no need to stress the patient and anesthetize him, and the problem can be solved quickly. Among the other advantages of the method of removing the hump of the nose without the need for surgery, it can be mentioned that it is easy. In this method, a person does not need heavy operations and rhinoplasty, and only with a little doctor’s skill and thread or filler, he can correct his nose hump. Today, most people in the world are looking for easy, less complicated and less risky methods to correct the shape of their nose. Due to the complications of nose surgeries, doctors are also looking to simplify the treatment process. Thread lift is one of the methods of correcting hump nose in different people. In this method, all defects of the nose are removed and repaired. On the other hand, using this method can bring a lower cost for the applicant. The durability of the method of removing the hump of the nose without surgery using thread is about one year. Even sometimes, due to collagen formation and increase of blood vessels around the thread, it will last more than one year. In the nose lift method, the doctor numbs the three points of the tip of the nose, the nasal septum, and the end of the nose and pierces the tip of the nose with the help of special needles. Then, in the next step, the applicant’s nose is shaped with the help of a special thread and a machine. Advantages of nose lift with thread Nose lift with thread corrects the nasal septum and gives a natural appearance. Nose lift can be done in less than 30 minutes. It corrects the hump of the nose and straightens it. Thread lift raises the tip of the nose and improves the condition of the tip of the nose. Nose lift with thread makes the nose blades and tip smaller. Disadvantages of thread nose lift In this method, the client’s nose may be bruised, swollen and painful for several days. Also, sometimes there is a possibility of the thread sticking out and the nasal septum being tilted. Of course, these complications occur more when the doctor does not have enough skills in this field. In this method, you have to go to the doctor for restoration every now and then. Important note: Right now, the removal of nasal hump with thread is not done at Khaneh Sefid Clinic in Tehran, but to use the filler injection method by the best doctors of the clinic, you can contact our consultants and book a treatment appointment. Special line: 021-54503 Direct line: 021-88670648 | 88662860 – 021 Immediate response: 88876883 | 88875937 | 88670649 Consultant: 09122252731 The difference between surgical method and non-surgical method in the method of removing nasal hump without surgery, the applicant does not need to rest after the operation. Also, the amount of swelling and bruising after that is very small and will be resolved in approximately 4 days. But this is not the case with the surgical method, and the person needs a two-week rest. On the other hand, complications from surgery remain a little more. In the non-surgical method, people are alert during the procedure and can observe the steps carefully and talk to the doctor; But in the surgical procedure, the person will be completely unconscious and will not be conscious. In the surgical hump nose removal method, there is a possibility of dangerous anesthesia complications, but in the non-surgical method, this is probably not present, and the beautician can go through the procedures safely. In the method of removing the hump with the help of a lift and a thread, the pain after the operation is very little and sometimes there is none, but in the operation of rhinoplasty or nose surgery, the person has pain and headache after the operation of the nose. In the method of removing hump nose without surgery, there is no need to put glue or bandage on the nose. In the case of nose surgery, special adhesives must be used after the operation. In non-surgical methods, the costs are much lower and more affordable than surgical methods. Can men also use the method of removing the hump of the nose with the help of thread lift? Nose lift with thread is one of the excellent options for correcting the shape of the nose, through which even men can achieve their desired result. Note that men’s noses are larger compared to women’s noses; Therefore, the doctor will need more thread for nose lift in men. Is thread lift always a better method than nose surgery? No; First of all, this issue should be checked by a doctor and if he approves, the nasal hump should be removed. You can choose the best method with the help of the doctor’s guidance. For example, when your nose is deviated in addition to hump, the problem cannot be solved without surgery. What is the difference between nose filing and rhinoplasty? In fact, filing is done when the patient’s problem is only a hump problem. In these cases, the doctor usually performs the filing operation with local anesthesia. But in rhinoplasty, which is known as complete nose surgery, the doctor must use general anesthesia and correct the shape of the nose. Does removing the hump of the nose with thread have the same results for everyone? No; This method is not suitable for every nose and it is better to consult your doctor about this. Thread lift has different results according to the condition of the nose and the number of repairs. Sometimes, after 6 repair sessions, you may still need to repair the hump of the nose.

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