For which people is Ghagbob lift suitable? What are its side effects and how long does it last?

Ghabghab lift is one of the popular methods that you need as you get older and lose the elasticity of your skin. This method is suitable for both women and men. If you also decide to get rid of your anxiety with this method, stay with us in this article. In the following, we will explain what is Ghagbob lift? Is it possible to perform the lift only with surgery or is there a non-surgical method? This method is suitable for which people and which people should not use it? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Can it have dangerous side effects? What points should be paid attention to before and after this beauty procedure? If you intend to perform a cosmetic procedure in the groin area, you should visit a skin, hair and beauty doctor or a plastic and beauty surgeon to choose the best option. You can contact the best doctors through your doctor’s website. In addition to the face-to-face appointment system, Doktorto also offers online and telephone consultations. What is Ghagbob Lift? Ghabghab lift is one of the ghabgab beauty methods. Various factors such as aging, genetics, sunlight and smoking cause skin sagging. In the navel area, sagging skin is more evident than in any other area and makes the face look old. In the Ghagbab lift method, excess skin and fat are removed and skin wrinkles are smoothed. The doctor may perform this procedure alone or together with a face and neck lift or filler injection. Usually, in old age, this method is suggested to be performed along with face lift. In this case, the sagging of the skin is completely eliminated. Of course, be careful that the Ghagbob lift does not stop the natural aging process of the skin. Types of lifting methods Ghagbhab lifting means pulling the skin and eliminating its sagging. Both surgical and non-surgical methods can be used to lift this area. We will explain these methods below. 1. Lifting the pubic area with surgery If the skin sagging in the area of ​​the pubic area is large, surgery is the only effective way. In the Ghabghab lift surgery method, after anesthesia and making an incision, the skin is stretched and its wrinkles are removed. Usually, this surgery is performed in a combined manner. If the skin of the face and neck area is loose, the doctor will also perform a face and neck lift. If there is a lot of fat in the pubic area, the lift alone cannot solve the problem. In this situation, breast lift and liposuction should be performed at the same time. If the sagging of the skin in the groin area is large, the only effective way is surgery. If the skin of the face and neck area is loose, the doctor will also perform a face and neck lift. 2. Breast lift without surgery, some people cannot do lift surgery for various reasons. There are non-surgical methods of skin lifting. These methods have less risk and the speed of recovery is faster. If you are worried about the complications of surgery or if the prolapse is not severe, you can use non-surgical methods. Thread lift: In the thread lift method, special threads are used to lift the skin. The doctor inserts the thread under the skin and pulls it up. The thread has small spines that are fixed under the skin and do not move. A small stitch is made at the end of the thread. Ghabghab lift with thread has a shelf life of about one year. Lip lift with hyphotherapy: In hyphotherapy, waves are used to tighten the skin. Hyphotherapy stimulates the lower layers of the skin and rejuvenates the skin in the groin area with collagen production. Ghagbab lift glue: This is not a medical method and is mostly cosmetic. In special cases, you can use Ghabghab lift glue and pull the skin upwards. This glue is placed under the chin and jaw and is not visible. By performing the liposuction procedure, the fat in this area is removed and the appearance of the face becomes younger. The application of Ghogbob lift Ghogbob lift has a beautiful aspect and removes wrinkles and wrinkles in this area. This method is usually used to solve the following problems. Eliminating excess fat and sagging skin in the lower part of the face, which looks like a bag. Removing excess fat in the area under the chin, eliminating skin laxity in the neck area. If you feel that the upper part of the face does not have wrinkles and does not need a lift, but the skin of the lower part of the face is loose and droopy, you can use the Ghaghab lift method. Which doctor should we go to for face lift? Breast lift is performed in two ways: surgical and non-surgical. For non-surgical methods, you can visit Dr. Skin and Hair Clinic. Lift surgery is performed by a cosmetic surgeon. You can consult with a skin and hair doctor or a plastic and cosmetic surgeon through your doctor’s website. In addition to the face-to-face appointment system, Doktorto also offers online and telephone consultations. For which people is Ghagbob lift suitable? Healthy people can do this beauty procedure. If you have an underlying medical condition or are a smoker, you should consult your doctor about having a butt lift. People with the following problems can do this procedure. Sagging skin in the area under the chin, wrinkles in the navel and neck area, not having excess fat in this area, which people are not suitable for navel lift? If you have a bunion and you want to remove it, a bunion lift is one of the good options. Of course, if there is a lot of fat in this area, this method will not work and the doctor will recommend liposuction. Usually, people over 50 years old do not get the desired result with lift surgery and need to perform liposuction. In the liposuction method, excess fat is removed from the groin area. People over 50 years old who have a lot of fat in the pubic area, it is better to perform liposuction along with the lift. The advantages of face lift Each of the face lift methods has its advantages, and for this reason, many people use this beauty method every day. Its most important advantages are: finding the jaw line and helping to angulate the stiff jaw and smoothing the skin of this area of ​​facial rejuvenation. One of the most important benefits of the Ghagbob lift is the angulation of the jaw and rejuvenation of the face. Disadvantages and side effects of the buttock lift, the buttock lift surgery is a permanent procedure and these results are maintained for a long time. If you are not satisfied with the result of the surgery, it cannot be reversed. Buttock lift surgery may have complications. Among its most important complications, the following can be mentioned. Bleeding under the skin (hematoma) Reaction to anesthetics Scars Blood clots Infections Nerve damage Skin problems Which doctor should we refer to in case of side effects of Ghbghab lift? If you experience serious side effects from a bum lift or if the common side effects do not go away after a few days, you should see a doctor to investigate the cause. You can refer to a skin and hair and beauty specialist or a cosmetic surgeon to check these complications. In addition to the face-to-face appointment system, there is a possibility of phone consultation with a dermatologist. How is the ghab lift performed? Buttock lift surgery may be performed under anesthesia. Depending on the amount of skin sagging, the surgery may take several hours. The surgeon makes small incisions behind or below the ear. A small incision is made under the chin. The skin is stretched and the muscles are tightened. Then the excess skin and fat should be removed. The incisions are sutured and a pressure dressing is placed on them. Non-surgical procedures are performed in the clinic and in the shortest time. Thread lift requires local anesthesia. The thread is inserted under the skin and stretched towards the ears. The end of the thread is sewn and cannot be seen. In the hyphotherapy method, the doctor placed the device under the chin so that the waves reach the lower layers of the skin. In this picture, you can see before and after the Ghogbob lift operation. Important points before the buttock lift Before the buttock lift, you will have a consultation with the doctor. In this meeting, you must inform the doctor about your medical records and the medications you are taking. The specialist evaluates your health and provides full explanations about the lift. Depending on the condition of the skin, the doctor may suggest other methods such as eyebrow lift, eyelid surgery, face lift or exfoliation in addition to this cosmetic procedure. A few days before and after the operation, you should stop taking blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or warfarin. Because these drugs increase the possibility of bleeding and bruising. You should also avoid smoking before the lift. Because smoking affects the healing process. Care after the buttock lift After the buttock lift surgery, you may have some pain and feel stiffness in this area. These symptoms disappear within a few days. Bruising in this area will disappear within a few weeks. Scars under the chin and near the ears will also disappear over time. It may take about 3 months for the wounds to completely heal and the swelling to go away. After breast lift surgery, you should pay attention to the following points. Avoid heavy lifting for the first few weeks. Do not engage in strenuous activities such as sports. If you have signs of infection such as fever, redness, or pus, be sure to tell your doctor. Keep your head up while sleeping. Do not bend your neck. The permanence of the result of the buttock lift, the buttock lift surgery is a permanent method and removes skin sagging in this area for a long time. Of course, you should be careful that the lift cannot stop the natural aging process and the skin will still sag and wrinkle over time. Non-surgical methods, such as the chin lift with thread or the chin lift with hyphotherapy, are not permanent and need to be renewed. The durability of the results varies from person to person. Usually you have to renew it once a year. Quoted from my.clevelandclinic regarding the result of the cheek lift surgery: the results of cheek lift surgery can last for years. The exact duration is different for each person and depends on certain factors. Genetics affects the elasticity of the skin. Lifestyle like smoking causes wrinkles and premature aging. Exposure to sunlight can also damage your skin. By doing a lift surgery, you can permanently eliminate the puffiness. What is the cost of Ghagbab lift? The cost of face lift varies according to the method used and the amount of sagging skin. Undoubtedly, lift surgery is more expensive than non-surgical methods. The cost of surgery depends on the location of the clinic and the experience of the surgeon. You should keep this in mind that non-surgical methods need to be extended and can be more expensive than surgery in the long run. A face lift is a cosmetic procedure and insurance does not cover its cost. Therefore, you have to pay all the expenses yourself. Your Frequently Asked Questions If you are planning to have a face lift and want to remove sagging skin in this area, you have probably come across questions about this beauty procedure. For this reason, we have raised some of your frequently asked questions and provided their answers. What is the best way to lift the bum? It is not possible to say which one is a better option among different methods. If there is little skin sagging and you don’t have many wrinkles in this area, you can use non-surgical methods. These methods have less risk and faster recovery. But if the sagging skin is severe, surgery is a better option and the result will be more specific. The doctor may also perform a face and neck lift in addition to the breast lift surgery to create a better result. What factors are effective in the longevity of the result of Ghabghab lift? Various factors such as genetics, the age of the patient, the type of activity and the duration of staying in the sunlight can affect the longevity of the lift. For this reason, the doctor cannot determine the exact time for its durability. Is there an age limit for Ghagbob lift? To perform beauty procedures, one should act after the age of 18. At a young age, non-surgical methods are a better option and produce the desired result. But if you are over 40 years old and your skin sagging is severe, the doctor will probably suggest a breast lift surgery. Is it better liposuction or liposuction? In people aged 20 to 50 years who have not lost skin elasticity, liposuction can be a good option. In this method, excess fat is removed, but the skin does not change. For older people who have loose and drooping skin, usually, a breast lift is performed alone or together with liposuction. Conclusion and guide to see a doctor. Ghabghab lift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that can be performed with or without surgery. In chin lift surgery, an incision must be made under the chin and near the ear. The skin is stretched and finally the surgeon removes excess skin and fat. Non-surgical methods include thread lift and hyphotherapy. These methods are temporary and you have to renew it once a year. Some complications such as bleeding, bruising and pain after the lift operation are normal and disappear about a week later. If symptoms persist or if you have symptoms of an infection, you should tell your doctor. To perform a face lift and get more information about this cosmetic procedure, you should consult a dermatologist or hair and beauty specialist or a plastic and cosmetic surgeon. You can communicate with these doctors in person, online or by phone through your doctor’s website. Your doctor takes care of your beauty!

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