Is saline or silicone prosthesis better? All about saline breast implants

Breast prosthesis is one of the most popular breast cosmetic surgeries, which is used to increase the volume of the breasts and shape them. Women go for breast implants and prosthetics due to breastfeeding, severe weight loss or loss of breast tissue due to breast cancer. Breast prostheses are divided into two types of silicone prostheses and saline breast prostheses based on the ingredients. Join us in this article to learn more about saline breast implants, the advantages and disadvantages of saline breast implants and its lifespan. For more information about this prosthesis and its comparison with other types of breast implants, you can consult a plastic surgeon at your doctor online or by phone, or make an online appointment for face-to-face consultation and implant placement. What is saline breast prosthesis? According to Mayoclinic, saline breast prosthesis is a type of breast prosthesis that has been used since 1960. This prosthesis has an impermeable silicone outer layer that is filled with a sterile salt water (saline) solution. Some breast prostheses are filled with saline before and some are filled with saline during the implant. Saline prostheses are more rigid than silicone prostheses, if they break, they become smooth and flat and the saline inside them is absorbed by the body. Since salt water liquid is naturally present in the body, it does not cause any problem for women’s health if it is torn. Saline prosthesis is prescribed to increase the volume and size of breasts in women older than 18 years. Baffled saline implants are a new type of saline implant in which the implant is layered in such a way that the water is dispersed in separate compartments. This layering makes the water flow in different directions and reduces the amount of salt water movement and the possibility of the implant becoming wavy. What is the shape of saline breast prosthesis? Saline prostheses are round and teardrop shaped. The round salt water breast prosthesis model is the first breast prosthesis model that is highly popular and makes the breasts round and prominent after the operation. The price of the round saline prosthesis is lower than the lacrimal model. Anatomical or lacrimal saline prosthesis is mostly prescribed for people who want a natural result. In this model, the lower part is more prominent and gives a drop-like shape to the breasts, which is more similar to the anatomical shape of the breast. These prostheses can maintain their shape while standing or lying down. The amount of fullness and volume of the breasts in the teardrop model is not much different from the round type and is chosen only for its more natural shape. A saline prosthesis has a silicone layer filled with sterile saline. What is the price of saline breast prosthesis? The cost of the saline prosthesis, which has a texture similar to the natural tissue of the breasts, is lower compared to the silicone prosthesis. Pricing depends on various factors that are determined after clinical examination. The type of prosthesis does not have much effect on the price, but the brand type causes a big price difference. For example, currently, German prostheses are available in the market in the price range of 60 to 100 million Tomans. Korean prostheses are more affordable and are bought and sold between 30 and 60 million. The cheapest type of saline breast prosthesis in the market belongs to the Chinese, which is sold between 10 and 20 million. In order to determine the price of saline prosthesis, before doing anything, you should choose your doctor based on the experience, skill and expertise of the cosmetic surgeon. In the consultation session, the doctor gives a price estimate to the patient by examining the condition of the breasts, the type and model of the prosthesis. Factors affecting the price of saline breast prosthesis include: type of breast prosthesis, size of breast prosthesis, specialist surgeon, cost of clinic or hospital, cost of ultrasound and mammography, price of drugs, after surgery, brand of prosthesis. The price of saline prosthesis is lower compared to silicone prosthesis. Is saline or silicone breast prosthesis better? Depending on the type of ingredients, breast prostheses are classified into two types: silicone breast prostheses and saline prostheses. One of the questions that every person faces in the process of getting breast implants is whether saline or silicone breast implants are better. We will answer this question below. 1. Rupture of a saline implant compared to a silicone prosthesis If a saline prosthesis ruptures, the person will notice it immediately, because the breast becomes flat. Sterile saline is absorbed into the body, but surgery is required to remove the silicone shell. Rupture of a silicone prosthesis is not as easily detected as a saline prosthesis. The silicone inside the implant remains in place after rupture and may cause breast pain or change its shape. Surgery is required to remove the ruptured silicone implant. 2. The feel of the saline implant prosthesis compared to the silicone prosthesis, the saline prosthesis consists of a sterile impermeable layer and is filled with salt water inside. These types of prostheses are not very similar to breast tissue. Of course, silicone breast prostheses are recommended by most breast cosmetic surgeons, because they look more similar to the natural breast tissue and create a more natural and better feeling than saline breast prostheses. 3. Saline implants require a smaller incision than silicone. A large incision must be made on the breasts to insert silicone implants. But since salt water prostheses can be filled after placing the prosthesis, they usually require a smaller incision. Saline prosthesis is placed inside the breast tissue through a small incision and depending on the desired size of the patient, salt water is injected into it. Saline breast implants are absorbed by the body if they burst, and only surgery is needed to remove the silicone coating. 4. Safety: saline or silicone prosthesis? To answer the question of whether saline or silicone prosthesis is better, we must say that both prostheses are safe. Although research indicates that silicone prostheses are safe, saline breast prostheses seem safer due to the ingredients. 5. Comparing the price of salt water prosthesis with silicone breast prosthesis in terms of price, silicone prostheses are twice the price of the saline type. 6. Comparing the shape of salt water and silicone breast prosthesis, the shape of salt water breast prosthesis is not very natural and because it is filled with salt water, it becomes hard, but the silicone type gives a more comfortable and natural feeling due to the presence of gel, of course, it is a type of saline prosthesis called ideal prosthesis. which are structurally different from plain saline and have a more natural appearance. Conclusion: Comparison of saline and silicone breast prostheses, in general, it can be said that both types of breast prostheses have their advantages and disadvantages, and it cannot be said with certainty that saline or silicone breast prostheses are better. We recommend that you collect the necessary information about the appearance, durability, price and details of breast prostheses before making any decision. You can benefit from a phone consultation with a plastic surgery specialist or a phone consultation with a gynecologist by visiting your doctor’s website. Depending on the type of ingredients, breast prostheses are classified into two types: silicone breast prostheses and saline breast prostheses. The advantages of saline breast prosthesis quoted by “richmondsurgicalarts” The advantages of saline prosthesis include: lower cost, less need for incisions for examination surgery and less periodic check-ups, the safety of the saline solution in case of rupture. Saline prostheses cost less, have a smaller incision, have fewer periodic checkups, and are filled with a safe solution, but silicone prostheses have a more natural look and feel, less likely to wrinkle, and a lower risk of tearing. Disadvantages of saline breast prosthesis The disadvantages of saline prosthesis include the following: unnatural appearance, more unnatural touch, the risk of spontaneous emptying, the possibility of folding, the possibility of affecting the breast tissue over time, it is not recommended for people under 18 years of age. Who is saline breast prosthesis suitable for? All women who want to have bigger or better shaped breasts can be an option of breast prosthesis surgery. In general, saline implants are suitable for the following women: Women who have lost part or all of their breasts due to breast cancer or disease. Women with very small breasts. Pregnant, lactating women who suffered from drooping, shape change or asymmetric breasts. Women who have drooped, deformed or asymmetric breasts due to aging. Shrinking breasts due to severe weight loss. At your doctor, you can consult with the best plastic surgeon for breast prosthesis over the phone and online, and make an online appointment for face-to-face consultation. You can also consult a gynecologist in this regard. Who should not perform saline prosthesis? For breast implants, it is better if the person’s puberty period is over or at least 7 years have passed since the person’s first menstruation. The minimum age of the patient is 18 years for saline breast prosthesis and 22 years for silicone prosthesis. People who have thin, loose or inflexible skin should not have breast implants, because some parts of the breast may become uneven after the procedure. The following people should not get breast implants: people under 18 years of age for the purpose of cosmetic surgery, people who have an infection, the presence of an untreated cancerous mass. Wound healing disorder in immunocompromised patients, people with blood coagulation disorders, people who have a history of radiotherapy. People with poor general health. Breast implants are suitable for women with small breasts or for breast reconstruction after breast cancer. How long is a saline breast prosthesis? All prostheses have a production date and an expiration date written on the product. Using an expired breast prosthesis, even if it is sterile, is not allowed and may cause dangerous complications for the patient, of course, the expiration date does not mean that we have to remove or replace the prosthesis when we reach it. Like all artificial organs, including an artificial joint or an artificial heart valve, breast prostheses have a permanent lifespan. A lifelong product that has a useful life of 10 to 20 years and should be replaced only in case of complications or problems. Is it possible to breastfeed with saline breast implants? The presence of a prosthesis does not cause a problem in the breastfeeding process. However, the type of prosthesis used, the location of the prosthesis and the surgery have an effect on the ability to breastfeed after placing the implant. The prosthesis has nothing to do with the tissue of the mammary glands, and if it breaks, the salt water in the prosthesis will be absorbed through the body’s vessels. The presence of a prosthesis does not cause a problem in the breastfeeding process. Your frequently asked questions In this section, we answer your questions about saline breast implants or saline implants. If you have a question that you did not find an answer to in this article, please comment your question at the end of this article so that our experts will answer it as soon as possible. Is it dangerous to use this prosthesis? No, the saline breast prosthesis contains salt water, which is absorbed by the body in case of rupture and is not dangerous. Who should not use this prosthetic model? People under 18 years of age, cancer patients, people with immune system defects, blood coagulation disorder patients and those with poor physical health should not use this prosthetic model. Which specialist should we consult to use saline breast prosthesis? To use saline prosthesis, you must see a specialist or sub-specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Is the saline breast prosthesis round? There are two types of breast implants: round and teardrop. Do saline breast implants burst? What if it bursts? The probability of breast prosthesis tearing is very low, but if it does tear, it is not dangerous for the body and its salt water solution is absorbed. Of course, surgery must be performed to remove the silicone shell. During this operation, the plastic surgeon can place the new implant. Do saline breast implants look natural? Saline prosthesis is very similar to the natural breast tissue. And the types of tear drops or its new type, Bafeld, are very natural. Are saline breast implants carcinogenic? There is no relationship between saline implants and breast cancer. Are saline breast implants used to treat breast cancer? Saline prosthesis is one of the breast cancer treatment options. Women who lose part or all of their breast tissue due to breast cancer can benefit from saline breast implants. What is the photo of saline breast prosthesis? Saline prosthesis can be round or teardrop (anatomical). The most common form of breast prosthesis is the round type, which is very popular. In the round saline prosthesis, the upper part is fuller and more prominent. The lacrimal breast prosthesis is more suitable for people who want a natural result. The tear drop prosthesis is more prominent in the lower part, and the upper part is narrower, similar to the form of a drop. Is the saline prosthesis fixed? Saline prosthesis is a fixed breast prosthesis. That is, after the implant, the breast prosthesis is fixed in the body. Conclusion and guide to see a doctor. People who have asymmetry or saggy breasts due to severe weight loss, breastfeeding, pregnancy, childbirth, or women who have lost part of their breast tissue due to breast cancer can use breast prostheses. Based on gender, breast prostheses are divided into two types of saline and silicone prostheses, which are not much different and both are made of silicone layer. The useful life of saline prosthesis is between 10 and 20 years and they are considered lifelong, although they must be replaced in cases such as infection, rupture, perforation, displacement or capsular contracture. Choosing a doctor is very important during the lifetime of the breast prosthesis. Before doing anything, we recommend that you talk to people who have experience with this procedure, see the doctor’s portfolio closely, and have counseling sessions. You can benefit from online consultation and telephone consultation with a plastic and cosmetic surgeon about breast prosthesis by visiting your doctor’s website. Your doctor takes care of your health!

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