Natural nose surgery Benefits, complications, cost and care

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed on all types of models. One of the most popular models of nose surgery is natural nose surgery. This model has differences with doll nose surgery, which we will tell you about later. Stay with us to learn more about this type of nose job. Familiarity with natural rhinoplasty As you know, rhinoplasty is performed for the purpose of beauty and correction of nasal defects and has a therapeutic aspect. With the help of rhinoplasty, breathing problems can be solved and changes can be made in the overall structure of the nose. Rhinoplasty is performed in two ways, open and closed, and the use of the methods depends on the doctor’s opinion and conditions. In the natural surgery method, unlike doll and fantasy models, the doctor tries to solve the problem with the least changes. In this surgery, there are not many changes in the overall structure of the nose and its wings, and the form and face of the client are largely stable. During normal nose surgery, the doctor must consider the normal size of the nose and maintain the symmetry and normal size of the nostrils and nostrils. The doctor must keep in mind the symmetry and coordination of the facial components during the surgery. The hump at the back of the nose should also be removed completely naturally and create a natural appearance for the beauty. Note that you should never use blood thinners or blood coagulants on your own before the nose job, and it is also necessary to stop smoking two weeks before the operation. After the operation, it is necessary to use an ice pack to reduce swelling and bruising. When sleeping, put your head on the pillow at an angle and never put pressure on your nose. Doing heavy and risky activities in the first month is never recommended. Try to take all the medicines prescribed by the doctor to reduce side effects and relieve pain on time and regularly. Observing the care points before the operation under the doctor’s supervision can help to achieve better results. The characteristics of a normal and standard nose. Among the characteristics of a normal nose, the following can be mentioned: the distance of a normal and standard nose must be maintained with the lips and chin, the cosmetic doctor can obtain this distance by considering the length of the nose. Another characteristic of a standard nose is the distance between the nose and the eyes. This also determines the width of the nose. The angle between the nose and the line perpendicular to the lips should be balanced. After the natural nose operation, you should not have any breathing problems and breathing disorders. In case of any difficulty in breathing, see a doctor immediately. The thinner the skin of the nose, the less asymmetry it can create. On the other hand, this feature reveals the most delicate cuts applied. A standard and balanced nose never has too much of an arch, and being too high also makes it out of standard. Of course, these two issues mostly happen in puppet surgeries performed by inexperienced doctors. In natural rhinoplasty, the proportion of the nose angle with other parts of the face, such as the forehead, cheeks, lips, etc., is maintained and will be based on standard aesthetic proportions. The difference between natural and doll nose surgery is one of the most obvious differences between doll and natural nose surgery, the form created for the nose. In natural surgery, the final shape of a person’s nose is preserved, especially in the tip and holes. But in doll nose surgery, the tip of the nose is raised and angular and has an arched shape. Breathing problems that may arise in puppet or fantasy surgery do not exist in normal nose surgery. The right candidate is usually people who intend to solve and treat nasal problems, including polyps, with the least amount of change in the appearance of the nose, and use this method. Suitable candidates for nose surgery must have perfect physical and mental health and have passed the sensitive age of puberty. In other words, the growth of a beautiful nose must be complete for the final result to be successful. Pregnant people or those with blood coagulation problems and heart failure or a history of stroke are not good candidates for this operation. The advantages of natural nose surgery are that the duration and process of this operation is very short. The recovery period after the operation ends quickly. Complications from normal nose surgery are very few. In this method, the shape and appearance of the nose is preserved to a large extent. In this surgical method, the appearance of the nostrils and nostrils will be symmetrical, and no dents or arches will be created in the nose. With this method Zibajo can solve his breathing problems. Nose surgery in a natural way is one of the best rhinoplasty surgery methods. What is the purpose of natural rhinoplasty? Normal nose surgery is usually performed with the aim of restoring the nose and correcting breathing problems caused by birth defects or injuries caused to people. In this operation, the size and angle of the nose is slightly changed and the bridge of the nose is straightened, changing the shape of the tip of the nose and making the nostrils and wings symmetrical are also other targeted measures of this surgery. You should know, natural nose surgery is not an easy task and you should not trust any clinic or doctor to perform it. This work requires a lot of skill and experience and requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. For this reason, it is better to look for a specialist and experienced doctor and reliable clinic before rhinoplasty or nose surgery and research about his history so that you can get the best results from your operation. Note that no one should notice your nose surgery during the normal nose job. To get a consultation appointment, obtain additional information or book a treatment appointment, please contact our consultants: Special line: 021-54503 Direct line: 021-88670648 | 88662860 – 021 Immediate response: 88876883 | 88875937 | 88670649 Cosmetic surgery consultant: 09016590119 Natural nose surgery for men As you know, very narrow and pointed noses are more suitable for women’s faces; As a result, performing doll and fantasy surgery affects the attractiveness of men and makes their nose shape very bad. Most of the time, when male applicants go to the doctor for nose surgery, they tend to make the result of their operation very natural and the changes are not visible at all. For this reason, natural nose surgery is very popular and popular among men, and by doing it, it is possible to remove the appearance defects and problems of the nose, such as nasal polyps, nasal deviation, nasal hump, nasal enlargement, drooping nose, and asymmetry of the nostrils with minimal changes. did In the normal nose operation for men, the doctor should pay attention to the angle between the tip of the nose and the lips and forehead so that they are all in perfect proportion with the face. Normal nose surgery methods, normal nose surgery is usually performed in both open and closed ways, depending on the conditions, type of nose and doctor’s opinion, in the following we will explain each of the methods to you dear ones: open surgery in open surgery, corrections In the external form of the nose, it starts with an examination in the middle part of the nostril or columella, and the skin of the nose is completely separated from the bone and cartilage. In these cases, the doctor is obliged to use his utmost precision, attention and skill and focus on the details of the nose structure. The complete mastery and nobility of the doctor during open surgery is very important and can change the final result. In this way, extensive changes can be made on the beautiful nose. Closed surgery In this surgery, the nasal septum is not cut and all the incisions are made inside the nose. One of the advantages of this method is that there are no scars or incisions around the nose. But in closed nose surgery, because the doctor does not have a complete view of the nose structure, the possibility of problems such as asymmetry and other complications increases. In closed rhinoplasty compared to open surgery, extensive changes cannot be made in the nose. It is not possible to perform nose reconstruction surgery in a closed manner. In closed natural nose surgery, the doctor is more limited and has to use old techniques. In the past, this rhinoplasty method had many supporters, but today, despite the open surgery method and its many advantages, most doctors and nose surgeons prefer not to use the closed method. Examining the 3D control mold and its applications. The control mold is made of resin and with the help of printers, it creates a 3D design of each person’s nose. This template has different types and serves as a template and guide for the doctor so that he can create the most accurate and best results for the beautician. Also, this template is used to control the changes applied during the nose surgery. The use of 3D printing and scanning services and a control template makes the desire and taste of the nose job applicant clear in the consultation session and the applicant does not get a wrong impression of his new nose. In nose surgery, the patient’s face is photographed from different angles with the help of the control template of the scanner, and a 3D view is prepared with famous software. During the consultation session, the surgeon must listen to all the wishes and needs of the beautician and apply changes in the 3D model, although sometimes these changes come with limitations. After the end of the 3D design and hypothetical nose modeling, the client can see his simulated face in the computer and express his opinion. Usually, simulated faces are very similar to a person’s real face. After the person approves the built model, specific analyzes are provided to the doctor to determine the exact changes. These analyzes on the day of surgery will help the surgeon a lot. The doctor should make the best match with the designed model and operated nose. Be careful that the amount of changes and restrictions can be determined only during normal nose surgery; Therefore, 3D models and control molds create the best form. Finally, it depends on the experience and skill of the doctor and the existing conditions that determines the final result. The control mold is a suitable measure to control the changes on the nose. The cost of normal nose surgery depends on the skill and experience of the doctor, his experience, the type of anesthesia used during the surgery, the center where the surgery was performed, the advanced and modern equipment required, the salary of the medical staff, the location of the clinic and the medical center. , the conditions of Zibajo, the techniques used, etc. are different. For this reason, it is recommended to get more detailed information about rhinoplasty costs and to find the best price through the website or visit in person. Note that knowing the exact costs of nose surgery is only possible after the doctor’s examination and his tests. It is not bad to know that the cost of nose jet surgery, if it has a therapeutic aspect, is still not subject to insurance discounts; Therefore, it is necessary to consider the costs of this procedure before applying. Of course, sometimes in some reputable clinics, the cost is paid in installments so that the client can benefit from beauty services without any financial pressure. A guide to choosing the best natural nose surgeon. Performing this nose surgery model is easier than fantasy and doll models, and it does not require sensitive cuts. However, this surgery should be performed by expert and experienced doctors and surgeons; Because in order to achieve excellent results, the surgeon must have enough skills and experience. So, if you intend to perform a normal nose operation with the least amount of changes, you should look for a doctor who has enough experience and experience in this field. You can ask him to show you some samples to make sure you choose the best natural nose surgeon. Before you finalize your choice, be sure to consult your doctor and discuss all your wishes about rhinoplasty with him. The doctor has the duty to consider the reasonable expectations of the beautician in the surgery. Ask your doctor to fully acquaint you with the possible results of the operation, the procedure of the operation, the method of anesthesia and the necessary care after the surgery. One of the best specialized skin, hair and beauty clinics is White House Clinic. Fortunately, this clinic has been able to attract the satisfaction of its clients over the years of its activity. You can contact the experts right now to use the high-quality services of this collection at a reasonable price. Special line: 021-54503 Direct line: 021-88670648 | 88662860 – 021 Immediate response: 88876883 | 88875937 | 88670649 Cosmetic surgery consultant: 09016590119 How is natural rhinoplasty performed and what are its advantages? Natural nose surgery is actually a type of nose cosmetic surgery that can solve problems such as polyps with minimal changes in the appearance of the nose. This surgery is more popular and common than other methods and has fewer side effects. On what basis is closed and open nose surgery performed? Normal rhinoplasty is usually performed in both open and closed ways, depending on the conditions, type of nose and doctor’s opinion. When the result of nose surgery is not what we expect? If you are not careful in choosing your clinic and doctor, the result of your nose job may not be what you expected. In these cases, after researching and examining the clinic and doctor to choose the best set, you can ask your doctor to prepare a 3D version of the control mold for you before your nose surgery. Is natural rhinoplasty only for women? No; This type of nose surgery is also recommended for men. People can fix their breathing problems without major changes. Rhinoplasty is restricted for which people? Natural rhinoplasty is not recommended for those people who have heart problems and failure or suffer from blood coagulation problems. Also, children should not operate before their nose is fully developed. Rhinoplasty is not recommended for lactating and pregnant women. Is it possible to change the shape of the nose after nose surgery? If the basic surgery is performed correctly by a professional medical team, there will be no problems for Zibajo’s nose. Is it possible to have nose tip surgery separately? Yes; You can perform nose tip surgery with the help of topical anesthesia. But before doing this, it is better to have an in-person examination to determine the type of nasal septum surgery. What is the difference between normal nose surgery and other nose surgeries? In the operation of natural nose surgery, the changes are very minor and the fit of the face and nose is more. Unlike nose surgeries such as doll surgery, this surgery is associated with very few complications and the risk of doing it is low. People in this type of nose surgery can see the fit between their nose and face more clearly.

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