Neuramis gel (Neuramis®) | Types, uses, benefits, durability and cost

When you intend to inject gel, perhaps one of your most important concerns is which brand of gel is the most suitable option for injection. Today, there are various fillers in the market; But as you know, not all of them have the necessary standards for injecting into the skin, ignoring this issue may cause irreparable complications for people. As a result, people should familiarize themselves with various types of gels and reputable brands before applying for this beauty method. In this article, we are going to review one of the best FDA-approved standard gels called Neuramis. Injecting Noramis gel into different areas of the body and face can improve defects and rejuvenate the skin. Getting to know Neuramis gel (Neuramis®) Neuramis gel is one of the best options available for the health and beauty of people’s skin, which has attracted many fans in recent years. In addition to being approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, this gel has also been approved by the European Quality Organization and the South Korean Drug Organization. With the help of this high-quality filler, you can hydrate the skin in the fastest and safest way possible, and in addition to removing wrinkles and wrinkles, it also helps to rejuvenate the face. In fact, Noramis can be considered as one of the most well-known and reliable fillers in South Korea, which is able to quickly adapt to the body and help repair skin collagen and elastin. This gel is a product of the famous Korean Meditox company, and it is widely used in filling and repairing the face due to its effective effects, and it is the choice of most beauty doctors. Noramis gel injection will be almost painless if it is done with the help of fine syringes and lidocaine. It’s good to know that according to recent research, this gel has performed better than Juviderm and Restylen brand gels. People can correct the desired area with the help of Noramis fillers as quickly as possible and with the least amount of pain. In addition, Noramis gel creates a very long durability and stability for the candidate and is prepared based on the SHAPE method. This technology causes stability of cross links and reduction of BDDE, and in this way it will cause more effectiveness and durability of filler and purification of the product. The substance BDDE, which stands for Butanediol Diglycidyl Ether, is responsible for the main function of networking in fillers. After this substance reacts with hyaluronic acid, the epoxide units in BDDE are neutralized and only very small amounts remain, which is about 2ppm. This very low amount of residue – which according to the reviews and approvals issued by the FDA is the lowest risk-free limit of this substance for the human body – is susceptible to hydrolysis and eventually leads to the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water ( H2O). In which areas of the body can Noramis gel be used? Noramis brand, like other fillers, has different types, each of which has its own unique uses. But in general, doctors use this gel containing hyaluronic acid to eliminate medium to deep skin lines, facial moisture and softness, skin collagen and elastin repair, facial contouring in the chin, cheek, jaw and laugh line, eyebrow, temple and nose lifting and shaping. They use lips. Be careful that Noramis gel injection should be done by experienced and qualified doctors. Varieties of Noramis gel and their application Currently, Noramis gel is considered one of the best skin filler brands in the world. There are different types of this gel, each of which is used for a specific purpose. In the following, we intend to explain the uses of each type of this gel to you. Neuramis Volume gel is one of Medytox’s Neuramis gels, which is used for cheek and lip volume, contouring, and chin shaping. It is a volume filler. This gel is injected into the deepest layer of the dermis and is able to effectively remove deep lines and wrinkles around the mouth, frown and laugh lines. The size of cross-linked hyaluronic acid particles in Valium gel is very large compared to similar samples, and this makes this gel suitable for injection into deep areas of the skin. Neuramis Meso gel is mostly used in mesotherapy and skin hydration. Noramis Meso is not considered as a filler most of the time, and in addition to hyaluronic acid without cross-link, there is also 9% mannitol sugar in its ingredients. Usually, doctors inject about 1 ml of this gel into the face and neck areas. Among the effects of this gel, we can mention skin rejuvenation and strengthening. Neuramis Light is another type of Neuramis gel with phase one crosslink, Neuramis Light filler, this filler consists of the smallest particles and is mostly used to correct superficial, thin and shallow facial lines. It is very easy to remove the fine lines around the nose, mouth, and eyes with the help of the natural ingredients of this filler. Noramis Light gel is injected at the dermis level and plays a major role in hydrating and rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck. Today, this reliable and standard gel is one of the popular options used by doctors in beauty clinics. Neuramis Lidocaine (Neuramis Lidocaine) Neuramis gel with lidocaine, as the name suggests, contains lidocaine anesthetics. The only difference between this filler model and Filler Light is the presence of lidocaine compounds to reduce the pain caused by gel injection. This product is used to remove fine wrinkles and shallow facial lines. It is interesting to know that most clients, when choosing between this product and Noramis Light gel, prefer this gel more; Because the injection process will be completely painless. Note that this gel can even be injected intradermally into the deep middle areas of the skin. Neuramis Deep in this type of Neuramis gel has medium particle size; Therefore, it is mostly used to remove medium to deep wrinkles on the forehead, smile lines, and volume to the lips. The injection site of Noramis Deep gel is in the middle area of ​​the dermis, the ingredients in this filler contain 20 mg/ml of hyaluronic acid and biphasic cross-link. Noramis Deep is one of the most appropriate treatment options for deep wrinkles and facial contours according to cosmetic doctors. When this gel is combined with lidocaine, it reduces the pain caused by the injection; For this reason, its use is more satisfactory for visitors. Note that Noramis Deep gel should be renewed every 6 months so that the results will last. Tips and recommendations before injecting Noramis gel, in order to achieve the desired results and reduce complications caused by Noramis injection, it is necessary for people to pay attention to the following important points before injecting Noramis gel: Before injecting Noramis gel, make sure of your physical health and all records Talk to your doctor about your illness, including history of allergies. If you have experienced herpes viral disease, be sure to discuss this with your doctor so that he can prescribe the appropriate antiviral medication based on your general condition. It is recommended to check the health of your teeth one month before the gel injection. Two to three days before the injection, do not do waxing and avoid using allergenic substances. Do not exercise before injecting the gel; In most cases, this will lead to increased bruising and swelling after the injection process. Avoid alcohol, smoking, vitamin supplements, supplements, medications, and blood thinners. It is recommended that women do not inject the gel at times close to menstruation. In most cases, Noramis gel injection is done with the help of very fine needles; Therefore, the person’s skin must be free of any cosmetics when injecting the gel. Care after Noramis gel injection In order to reduce swelling and bruising after the injection, people can use ice compresses. In most cases, these side effects will disappear in two to three days. It is recommended not to use cosmetics on the first day of injection to be more sure. Most of the time, the side effects after the injection are mild and disappear after a few days, but it is recommended to stay with your doctor and discuss your condition with him for a full recovery. After injecting the gel, never massage or press the desired area. Avoid exercising and doing heavy activities for a day after the injection. Avoid going to the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, and being exposed to hot water and the heat of the sun to reduce complications and achieve better results until complete recovery. After the injection, avoid taking all kinds of supplements, vitamins and blood thinners. Examining the durability of Noramis gel Noramis gel is one of the reliable fillers, which has high durability and durability due to the use of SHAPE technology in its preparation. This gel usually lasts between 6 and 12 months in the injected area. Noramis gel is more effective in the first year of injection and its effects will fade over time. Despite this, the durability of this filler varies depending on the individual’s conditions, injection area, type and amount of gel used. The advantages of Noramis gel injection are the safety of Noramis gel is very high; Because this filler is prepared from natural hyaluronic acid compounds with microbial fermentation. Due to the use of chip technology in the preparation of this gel as well as cross connections, Noramis is one of the most durable and stable gels in the world. The effects and results of Noramis gel injection can be seen immediately after the injection and most of the clients are satisfied with it. Complications of Noramis gel injection are very few, and in most cases, if the injection process is performed by professional doctors, it does not cause any complications for the person. Noramis filler injection does not require an initial test to diagnose allergies. The delicate shape of the needle of this gel and the use of anesthetics make the client experience less pain when injecting the gel. Noramis gel is used by doctors to eliminate forehead lines, around the eyes, laugh lines, lift temples, highlight lips and cheeks, shape the nose, and correct ear defects. As mentioned, Noramis gel is one of the low-complication fillers that, if injected in reputable clinics and by qualified doctors, will never cause any dangerous complications for the individual. But if people inject this filler in unreliable centers, they may face severe side effects such as redness, swelling, bruising, pain, itching, infection, etc., which in most cases cannot be compensated. The cost of Noramis gel injection. The price of Noramis gel varies based on the amount of gel consumed and the injection site. For example, about 1 cc of gel is usually enough to inject this gel into the lips; If the amount of gel used to angle the jaw will be about 4 cc. Of course, in the end, it is the doctor who determines the amount of gel to be consumed based on the individual’s clinical conditions. Undoubtedly, finding a reputable skin clinic to inject Noramis gel into different areas of the body and face is an important thing that should not be ignored. Performing the filler injection process in reliable and reliable clinics such as White House Skin and Hair Clinic guarantees people’s health in addition to excellent results. In the White House Clinic, all beauty services, including filler injections, are performed by the most experienced doctors in the country with the help of modern and professional equipment. As a result, people visiting this clinic will never worry about the final result of the work. All beauty services in this clinic are provided for people with a guarantee and the main goal of the collection is the satisfaction and comfort of the customers in the first place. To receive the exact cost of gel injection and consultation with the experts of White House Clinic, please contact us: 021-54503 (special line) 021-88870480 (direct line) 09122252731 (consultation and sending photos) In what conditions should Noramis gel be stored? In order for Noramis gel not to lose its quality, it should be stored at a temperature of 2 to 25 degrees and away from sunlight and heat. In addition, avoid freezing the product. What is SHAPE technology? The SHAPE process is short for Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid & Purification Enhancement. This method is actually a special Medytox trademarked technology that greatly contributes to the safety, quick and long-term effectiveness of Noramis Gel. For whom is the use of Noramis gel restricted? Noramis filler injection is restricted for lactating and pregnant people, as well as people with a history of allergies or nervous disorders. In these cases, you should consult your doctor before taking any action. Is Noramis gel injection painful? Because this gel is often injected with the anesthetic lidocaine, it will be painless for people.

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