Perfectha ® gel Types, uses, results, complications and cost

Today, the beauty and rejuvenation of the skin is very important; Therefore, people of all ages try to refresh their skin with the least complications and as quickly as possible. On the other hand, having a flawless, symmetrical and angular face helps to increase people’s self-confidence and make them more cheerful. In this regard, one of the best and easiest skin beautification methods is injecting gel into different areas of the face and body. Of course, the use of any filler is not suitable for injection, and it is necessary for the clients to familiarize themselves with the types of standard fillers approved by the American Food and Drug Administration before the gel injection process. One of the famous gels among doctors is Perfecta Gel, you will learn about Perfecta Gel and its advantages and disadvantages. Familiarity with Perfectha Gel Among the types of popular and standard fillers made in France, we can refer to Perfectha Gel brand. This gel is one of the most advanced injectable fillers in the field of hydration, blurring lines and skin volume. The Perfecta brand is actually based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 20 mg. The buffer property of this natural gel has made it more compatible with the human body. By creating microgel particles and combining it with hyaluronic acid polymer solution, Perfecta Gel creates a high-quality and first-class product to remove skin wrinkles. In most cases, perfecta gel injection will be effective and natural if it is done by skilled doctors and in well-equipped clinics. Otherwise, if the person does not consider the standard and controlled conditions, he should not expect a favorable result from his injection. Research has shown that most of the people who used this gel were completely satisfied with the final results, and in other words, this filler met their needs. As a safe and reliable product, Perfecta gel improves skin and subcutaneous defects and is mostly used in the areas of the face and hands; Therefore, there is no need to worry about its injection. With the help of this gel, you can correct all depressions, wrinkles and sagging and even give volume to some tissues such as lips. Types of Perfecta gel models and their applications Perfecta gel, like other fillers in the market, has different types and is classified based on the size of the particles. In the following, we are going to introduce you to 5 types of gels that are widely used and approved by the FDA from the Perfecta brand: Perfectha FineLines is one of the types of Perfecta Finelines model gel, this gel is mostly used to remove fine lines and surface wrinkles. This filler is injected only in the first layer of the skin (dermis) and is able to completely remove crow’s feet lines around the eyes and neck. The injection of Perfecta Fine Line gel improves skin color and its softness and softness, and depending on the care of people and conditions, it usually has lasting effects for up to 6 months. Perfectha Derm This gel is mostly used for moderate face correction and lip and cheek contouring. Injection of this filler can be very effective in removing medium and deep wrinkles such as lines around the eyes, laugh lines and frown lines. Perfecta Derm filler is used in the middle part of the skin and with its help, you can even make the lips of the target person plump. Depending on the conditions, this filler usually lasts up to 12 months on people’s faces. Perfectha Deep is another popular type of filler and the representative of the Perfecta brand, which is mostly used for severe wrinkles, deep lines, and shaping and volumizing the lips and cheeks. Perfectha Deep gel. This filler is injected in the deepest layer of the skin and can effectively treat deep wrinkles around the nose and mouth. This filler is also used for contouring the face and giving volume to sunken cheeks. Doctors make the lips voluminous and full by injecting Perfecta Dip gel. The shelf life of this filler is one year at best. Perfectha SubSkin Filler Perfectha Subskin is another type of Perfecta brand gel that is injected into the skin through a needle or cannula. One of the most important uses of this filler is hand rejuvenation, removal of severe skin depressions and deep tissue wounds. Most doctors use Perfecta Subskin gel for contouring and volumizing the cheeks, jaw and chin, and the shelf life of this gel is between 12 and 18 months on people’s faces in the best conditions. Perfectha Complement This filler is more effective for under the eyes and is easily injected, Perfectha Complement has an injection formulation in the superficial dermis and is used for the treatment and repair of wrinkles and facial exfoliation. The shelf life of this product is usually between 4 and 6 months. Suitable areas for Perfecta gel injection According to recent research, at least 1.5 million filler injection treatment sessions have been performed in the world using Perfecta gel. This shows that this brand has good reputation and quality, and the results have been very successful so far. Currently, expert doctors use Perfecta gel to remove lines and wrinkles on the face and body. This gel is also used for eyebrow and temple lifting, face and cheek volume, jaw and chin angulation, nose correction, skin rejuvenation and lip shaping. Limitations of Perfecta gel injection Things to discuss with your doctor before injecting Perfecta gel: If you have an active infection near the area to be injected, you must inform your doctor. If you are allergic to anesthetics such as lidocaine, be sure to inform your doctor. A history of skin necrosis with other injectable materials can be a factor for limiting Perfecta filler injection. It is recommended that pregnant and lactating mothers postpone the injection of any filler to a more suitable time. The benefits of Perfecta gel injection The period of recovery, recovery and rest after Perfecta gel injection is short, and people can go about their daily activities in a short period of time. Perfecta gel provides good and high safety compared to other types of fillers. This gel is approved for use in different countries by the European Union and approved by the American Food and Drug Administration. The results of injecting this gel into different parts of the body can be seen quickly and at the same time it will be very natural and lasting. In injecting this gel, it is not necessary to do an allergy test, and there is no need to worry about the occurrence of allergic reactions and various infections. This product has many supporters as a fast and non-invasive treatment method for facial beauty. This gel can be easily drained and decomposed with the help of hyalonidase enzyme injection. Perfecta gel has a high capacity of lifting, volumizing and cross-linking. The presence of many covalent bonds between the microgel particles and hyaluronic acid polymer solution in this gel slows down the process of enzyme decomposition, and as a result, the gel lasts longer in the skin. Due to its natural and first-class ingredients, Filler Perfecta does not cause irritation and swelling of the skin, displacement, pilling and infection of the gel in most cases after injection. The use of this gel is completely harmless and safe, and its biological decomposition rate is high; Therefore, it creates the highest level of moisture and hydration in people’s skin. The dosage of this gel in the injection to achieve the desired result is low and therefore it is cost-effective. It is very easy to inject Perfecta gel into people’s skin while being fast; because the hyaluronic acid solution causes the microgel particles to liquefy; As a result, filler injection is done better and easier by creating a coherent flow and with the help of additional intermolecular bonds. Complications of Perfecta Gel Injection Although Perfecta Gel is a safe and reliable filler, it has few side effects, but in any case, ignoring the important recommendations before and after injecting this gel, as well as visiting unreliable and cheap centers, can cause irreparable complications and losses such as bruising, redness, and infection. , swelling and asymmetry for the person. Normally, the side effects of injecting this gel are very mild and disappear within 3 to 5 days. In order to achieve the best results and effects and reduce side effects according to the patient’s conditions, the doctor explains the care before and after the injection. Recommendations before and after Perfecta gel injection In order for the results of Perfecta gel injection to be successful, it is necessary for people to pay attention to some important points before and after injecting the desired gel. One week before and after the injection, avoid taking any medicines and blood thinners. Avoid heavy activities such as exercising and bathing for 24 hours after the injection. Avoid massaging and pressing the gel injection area. Avoid smoking and alcohol before and after injecting the gel. By using an ice compress, you can reduce the bruising and swelling caused by the injection. Do not be exposed to sunlight, radiation and heat for 24 hours after injection. Do not use cosmetics for 1 hour before and after injection. If you have a history of a certain disease, discuss it with your doctor before the injection process. Durability of Perfecta gel injection, this gel is considered one of the most durable brands in the market. Perfecta creates relatively long and lasting results for the individual, and its renewal and decomposition period is relatively long; As a result, the person does not need successive filler injections. Recent research has shown that this high-quality gel lasts about one and a half years on areas such as cheeks, forehead, and chin, and about 6 to 9 months on active areas such as lips. In general, the professional techniques of the specialist doctor, the injected area, the amount of gel used and the presence of pure and desirable compounds in this filler can be considered the main factors of its durability and longevity. Note that your basic conditions and compliance with the principles of care also have an effect on the shelf life of Perfecta Gel. The cost of perfecta brand gel injection, the cost of gel injection apart from clinic costs, doctor’s salary, etc., will be different according to the intended injection area and the amount of gel used for each person. Based on the experience of many clients, the Perfecta brand is a completely economical brand in terms of costs and shelf life. Note that you must perform such beauty services in reliable and standard centers and never be deceived by the very cheap prices of non-reliable centers such as hair salons. Dear ones, you can contact the consultants of our collection for more detailed information about filler injection costs, so that you can be guided in the best way. Khaneh Sefid skin and hair specialist clinic is known as one of the best and most reliable beauty clinics in the country with its professional and experienced staff and doctors specializing in the field of beauty. In this collection, beauty services such as filler injection, botox, laser, etc. are provided to our dear clients with the best quality and price. Due to currency price fluctuations and the fact that Perfecta filler is imported, we are unable to include the price. Therefore, please contact our consultants to inquire about the exact cost of gel injection: Special line: 02154503 Direct line: 02188780480 WhatsApp: 09122252731 Are there any restrictions on using the Perfecta brand? It is recommended that lactating and pregnant women or people suffering from certain diseases such as necrosis, autoimmune disease, various infections, etc., must consult their doctor before injecting this gel. What is perfecta gel made of? Fillers such as the Perfecta brand are often made from hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the body. The popularity of this hydrating substance has increased today compared to the past, and many consumers around the world have become interested in injecting it. In fact, Perfecta gel never contains animal acid and is completely compatible with the environment of the human body. This filler is produced with the help of the best modern French equipment and is completely safe. How long does Perfecta brand gel last? This gel normally lasts between 6 and 12 months on the face and body. Of course, the technique used by the doctor and the amount of gel used have no effect on the final durability of this filler. Is perfecta gel injection painful? Filler Perfecta is usually performed in reputable clinics such as the White House Beauty Clinic with the help of a topical anesthetic and a very thin needle; Therefore, the client will never feel any particular pain. In addition, the entire process will proceed quickly and professionally.

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