Sculptra gel (Sculptra®) | Applications, benefits, complications and cost

One of the easy and fast ways to rejuvenate the skin and fix facial defects is to use various types of fillers and gels. Gels are either based on hyaluronic acid or based on lactic acid. One of the most important and famous brands of skin filler gel based on lactic acids is Sculptra gel. Injection of gel into the skin causes the treatment of lipoatrophy and restoration of the lost volume of the skin. This gel is effective as an effective treatment method in removing facial wrinkles and fine lines and can reduce facial fat if necessary. In the following, you will learn more about this high-quality and famous filler. Full introduction of Sculptra gel (Sculptra®) Sculptra gel is actually an injectable and therapeutic gel made of polylactic acid, also known as poly-L-lactic. This product was produced and marketed for the first time in Galderma company in Switzerland. Among other brands and products produced by Galderma company, we can mention Restlin gel and Botox Dysport. Sculptra is a filler approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and today it is mostly used for the treatment of lipoatrophy, increasing the volume of the hips, thighs, biceps, triceps, reducing wrinkles and wrinkles of the elbows, chest, knees, filling cellulite depressions and reducing fat. Face is used in HIV/AIDS patients. This gel is mixed with sterile water in powder form and injected into the desired area. Lactic acid, the constituent of Sculptra gel, has been used in surgical products for about 30 years, including absorbable sutures, screws, bone plates, and as a medium for drug administration. This substance is a synthetic and non-animal compound that is used to reproduce a natural derivative in the body. Applications Among the most important applications of Sculptra, the following can be mentioned: This gel is used to remove the lost volume of the cheek, temple and chin. It will be very easy to remove deep skin wrinkles with the help of Sculptra gel. Shaping and filling the dimples above the hips and treating cellulite of the skin in this area are other uses of Sculptra gel. It is possible to treat loose and wrinkled skin of forearms, arms, abdomen, bikini, etc. with the help of this gel. The advantages of injecting Sculptra gel have many positive effects, the most important of which are the following: with the help of injecting this gel, the thickness of the skin is increased and its lost volume is restored; As a result, the person’s appearance will be healthy and young. Sculptra gel is also known as liquid face lift; So it is easy and fast to use. The results of the injection of this filler are very impressive and significant and last between two to three years in most cases. The durability of this gel is very high compared to other famous gel brands such as Perfecta and Restylen. The injection of this gel will be done without surgery and without recovery period. This gel plays an important role in skin collagen with the help of its effective compounds. Sculptra gel does not contain any human or animal components in its ingredients; Therefore, there is no need for an allergy test before injecting it. Sculptra gel is a completely biocompatible filler and does not cause any harm to the human body. Unlike other dermal fillers, Sculptra gel is injected under the skin. A suitable candidate for Sculptera Gel should be performed by experienced and licensed professionals. This beauty and treatment method can be done with the help of physician assistants, nurses and other trained personnel. Injection of this gel in patients with HIV or AIDS is recommended with the doctor’s opinion; Because the polylactic acid in Sculpatra is biologically safe and is not associated with allergic reactions compared to other treatment methods. However, it is recommended that people discuss it with their doctor if they have a history of allergies or any other disease. The patient’s general health is a very important issue when injecting Sculptra fillers. Note that all patients who suffer from skin infections or have a weak immune system and use aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, should consult a doctor before injecting Sculptra gel. People who have severe skin infections or rashes and a history of keloid and hypertrophic wounds, or whose immune system is severely damaged, sometimes, according to the doctor’s opinion, should refrain from injecting this gel so that their health is not at risk. The use of this gel is not recommended for people under 18 years of age, pregnant and lactating women, diabetics, and other heart, lung, etc. patients. Cost You should note that the cost of Sculptra gel is more expensive than other gels that are based on hyaluronic acid, and its price is almost twice the price of other gels. This has caused the cost of lifting and shaping the hips with the help of this gel to be very high. However, people who have high financial ability usually use this safe and high-quality method to increase the size of the buttocks. Various factors such as the number of injection sessions, the number of cosmetic vials, the degree of correction required, the specialist’s salary, the location and reputation of the clinic, the amount and type of gel used, etc. are effective in the cost of gel injection. Injection costs are different for different people, and in order to determine the injection costs well, the best way is to visit or contact the medical center. To get more information about the price of the gel and the cost of its injection, you can contact the White House Clinic consultants through the following ways: Special line: 021-54503 Direct line: 021-88670648 | 88662860 – 021 Immediate response: 88876883 | 88875937 | 88670649 Rejuvenation consultant: 09122252731 Filler injection process Although Sculptra gel is highly compatible with the body’s environment, the doctor usually evaluates the client’s clinical conditions. It is very important not to use blood thinners during the injection process of this gel. Therefore, discuss all the medications you are taking with your doctor. Sculptra gel injection is usually done on an outpatient basis in less than an hour in a doctor’s office or clinic. Sometimes the doctor also uses local anesthetic during injection to reduce the pain of people. Before injecting Sculpetra, the doctor dilutes Sculpetra suspension with sterile water and lidocaine and starts the injection process with the help of a very delicate syringe. This filler must be injected evenly under the skin, and unlike other fillers, it cannot be injected pointwise. By massaging the injected area, the doctor prevents the formation of bumps or knots under the skin. The injection of this collagen gel tightens the skin and causes overall tissue improvement. It is better to repeat the gel injection two to three times in a few months to get a better and more successful result. The shelf life of Sculptra filler gel is that its effects appear gradually and its shelf life is between two to three years. Therefore, you should not expect the results immediately after injecting this gel. Sometimes even a few days after the injection, you may look like before the injection. With three gel injection sessions over several months, you can complete the effects of this gel. Sometimes, immediately after the injection of Sculptra gel, your desired area may look full, which is only due to the water contained in the gel ingredients, and it subsides after a few days. The real and lasting effects of this Sculptra gel are usually determined after a month. However, its treatment results are more lasting and satisfactory than other injectable skin gels. One must be patient during the injection process for the Sculptra gel, otherwise the expected results will not be produced for him. The areas suitable for Sculptra injection are not suitable for eliminating surface lines such as lines around the eyes, but it can improve moderate to deep facial wrinkles, including chin wrinkles and wrinkles between the nose and mouth. Nasolabial folds, which are also known as smile lines, are caused by the sagging of the cheeks and the reduction of skin collagen. In these folds, instead of injecting the gel directly at the place of the fold, it is better to inject it into the person’s cheeks so that the skin is lifted and its appearance looks smoother. Recently, Sculptra gel is even used to give volume to thighs and hips. Note that facial contour deficiencies should not be overcorrected with Sculptra Gel. Also, Sculptra gel should not be injected into blood vessels. This will cause blockage of blood vessels, infarction or embolism phenomenon. It is not allowed to use this gel on skin wounds, cysts, pimples, hives or infection and the red area (vermilion) of the lips. Side effects of Sculptra gel must be injected into people’s skin by a specialist doctor; Because only doctors know the exact instructions for injecting Sculptra gel. As a result, going to unreliable centers and entrusting the work to inexperienced people can bring irreparable complications for the individual. The most common side effects after the initial treatment are keloid formation, skin discoloration, hypertrophic ulcer, swelling, sensitivity to touch, redness, pain, bruising, bleeding, itching, and lumps at the injection site. The lumps are sometimes very small and can be identified only by touching the hand, but sometimes they are larger, in any case, the presence of any lump after the injection should be checked by a doctor, most of the lumps disappear after a month. Bumps and lumps can sometimes appear a few months after the injection, this indicates improper injection and the use of incorrect techniques in filler injection, and often occurs when the gel is injected too superficially or the area is not massaged. Sculptra gel is one of the types of gels with a reputable brand, which has less risks and side effects than other injectable gels, and if it is injected by an experienced specialist, the resulting side effects will include mild side effects such as sensitivity, swelling, and redness at the site. Important tips and recommendations In order to reduce the complications of gel injection, it is better to follow a series of important tips before and after the injection process by the clients. Among the most important points of care in filler injection, the following can be mentioned: Before and after gel injection, do not be exposed to hot air and radiation. 24 hours after the injection, do not go to the sauna or jacuzzi and do not take a bath. Keep your skin clean for a few hours before and after the injection and avoid using cosmetics. Avoid taking any medications and your thinners such as garlic. If you are taking certain medications, discuss it with your doctor. Avoid taking supplements and vitamins such as fish oil and vitamin E. Use an ice compress to reduce the side effects of the injection, including bruising and swelling. Introducing the white house clinic, choosing the right gel brand, specialist doctor and a reputable beauty center are three factors that should not be underestimated. White House Skin and Hair Beauty Center, with advanced equipment, skilled doctors and the best gel therapy brands, is ready to serve you, dear clients. The high quality of beauty services in this clinic is the name of every client, and so far, few people have been dissatisfied with the services of this famous and reputable clinic. Be sure that by choosing a safe and reliable clinic such as White House, you can provide yourself with favorable conditions. In this center, all beauty services, including laser, Sculptra gel injection, Botox, etc., are performed with the help of modern techniques and methods. To book an appointment and free consultation from the White House Clinic, contact the experts of the complex now. Special line: 021-54503 Direct line: 021-88670648 | 88662860 – 021 Immediate response: 88876883 | 88875937 | 88670649 Rejuvenation consultant: 09122252731 What is Sculptra gel made of? This gel is one of the synthetic and non-animal fillers that does not require an allergy test, and its main ingredient is polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA). PLA is actually a kind of natural substance that is very important in cell metabolism. Lactic acid is already present in the human body. Are the results of Sculptra injection tangible at the first moment? Unlike other hyaluronic acid fillers, the real results of Sculptra gel usually show up a few weeks or months after injection. But on average, you need a period of four to six weeks to see the full results and effects of injecting this gel. Microscopic Sculptera crystals cause a mild inflammatory reaction under the skin after injection. With this, skin collagenization is stimulated and the white blood cells around the Sculptera crystals produce collagen-producing fibroblasts. In this way, the results of increasing the volume of the face will be visible after four to six weeks. How long is the recovery period after Sculptra filler injection? The injection of this gel requires a short recovery time and people can do their normal daily activities after the injection. But sometimes people rest at home until the effects of swelling and redness completely disappear. How long does Sculptra gel last and how effective is it? The lasting results of Sculptra gel are very long compared to other fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse M, Cosmoplast M and collagen and will last up to three years. Is Sculptra gel injection painful? The pain caused by the injection of this gel is different for each person, a group finds the injection of this gel painful and another group does not feel any burning or pain when injecting it; In any case, this is a personal issue. But the doctor usually adds the anesthetic lidocaine to the Sculptera suspension to reduce the pain caused by it to a minimum to relieve the patient’s anxiety and comfort.

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