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Abstract To choose the best massage center in Isfahan, many criteria should be considered. Providing different massage services in order to improve people’s mental and physical health is one of the main tasks of a good massage center. Isfahan Iranian massage center is considered a unique option in this field. Introduction Massage therapy consists of applying controlled pressure on the soft tissues of the body, in such a way that the blood circulation in them is improved and their cramps are removed. be made Controlling the pressure on soft tissues is very important. Because in cases where massage is done with the purpose of treatment, the patient’s problem may become more complicated due to negligence. Therefore, choosing a professional massage therapist is very important. Of course, this issue depends more than anything on choosing a reliable and specialized massage center. For this reason, in order to choose the best massage center in Isfahan, it is necessary to first familiarize ourselves with the selected services of a specialized massage therapy center. Undoubtedly, an Isfahan massage center will be the best option when a variety of massage methods, types of high-quality equipment and types of massage are available. including relaxation, therapeutic or beauty massage) to its clients. Iranian Massage Center of Isfahan operates under the supervision of Iranian Health Complex. Currently, this center is considered as one of the best and most well-known specialized massage therapy centers in Isfahan. The use of skilled and professional personnel in the field of massage and the use of specialized massage therapy equipment are considered to be the most important features of Iranian massage centers. In any case, to choose the best massage center in Isfahan, you should pay attention to many points that we will mention in this article. The best massage center in Isfahan; Having a calm and safe environment, massage therapy is usually done with the aim of physical relaxation or treatment of various musculoskeletal diseases. To perform massage therapy, it is necessary to have a calm environment. In fact, a major part of the effects of massage is on people’s souls. The calmness of the environment and the patient’s sense of security can increase the effectiveness of this type of massage therapy. Therefore, an Isfahan massage center by choosing a safe and calm environment for massage therapy will actually respect the rights of its clients. The provision of a safe and suitable environment for massage therapy for women and men is one of the distinctive features of the Iranian massage center in Isfahan. The best massage center in Isfahan; Compliance with personal and environmental hygiene principles is one of the most important points that people should keep in mind when choosing the best massage center in Isfahan, the level of hygiene of the environment and personnel. Due to the high volume of people coming and going in such centers, it is necessary to observe personal and environmental hygiene points well. This issue is especially important during the onset of the corona disease. The use of effective disinfection methods and compliance with hygiene principles by the massage therapist are among the most important points that should be considered when choosing the best massage center in Isfahan. Of course, this point has been well taken into consideration in the Iranian Massage Center of Isfahan. Iranian massage therapy center in Isfahan assures people that massage therapy is performed in a completely hygienic and disinfected environment. Also, compliance with health principles by massage therapists will be strictly monitored. The best massage center in Isfahan; Offering a variety of massage therapy methods. A specialized massage therapy center should be able to offer a variety of massage methods to people. This problem becomes possible when the desired massage center uses skilled, professional and experienced personnel in various fields. In fact, in a specialized massage therapy center, a variety of Thai massage methods, shiatsu massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, massage for occupational and sports injuries, trigger point massage, craniosacral massage and the like are performed for people. You should keep in mind that massage may be done with therapeutic or non-therapeutic purpose. For example, people may want to get a massage because of cramps caused by everyday activities. But in many cases, people suffering from various diseases refer to a massage center in Isfahan. In such a situation, a skilled and professional massage therapist should choose the best massage method for the volunteer or the patient. In this way, to choose the best massage center in Isfahan, it is necessary to look for a center that offers a variety of massage therapy methods based on needs. Patients do. In such a case, patients or volunteers for massage therapy can receive the greatest effect from their treatment in the shortest time. The best massage center in Isfahan; Use of adequate color and lighting. The environment chosen for massage therapy should be suitable in terms of lighting and color. The use of happy and relaxing colors in the environment of a specialized massage therapy center increases the psychological effect of the massage. Therefore, people who are looking to choose the best massage center in Isfahan, should pay enough attention to this point. In addition, the lighting in the environment should be adjusted and suitable. because excessive light or insufficient lighting can have psychologically inappropriate effects on the patient. Choosing the best massage center in Isfahan; Using music and pleasant scents is one of the most important points that should be taken into consideration when performing massage therapy. Surely you all know that calm music can reduce stress and mental tension and ultimately bring peace to a person. This issue should be considered both for patients and for people who voluntarily intend to perform massage therapy. Relaxation of the mind along with massage therapy can lead to a person’s physical and mental vitality and freshness. Inhaling the aroma and smell during the implementation of the massage will also have a significant effect on reducing the mental stress of the patient. Diffusion of pleasant and relaxing scents helps to remove fatigue from the body and relax people’s nerves. At the Iranian Massage Center of Isfahan, the massage therapists try to use a variety of relaxing music and perfumes. Encouraging to double the effectiveness of massage treatment. Choosing the best massage center in Isfahan; Performing relaxation and therapeutic massage. Massage therapy in Isfahan massage centers can be performed for all people, regardless of their gender or age. Many people tend to remove the fatigue of daily activities from their body by performing various types of relaxation massages. Going to a massage center in Isfahan can solve this need. In addition, people may face musculoskeletal disorders for various reasons. For example, patients with MS, back pain, stroke, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, pains from various surgeries and complications from pregnancy can improve their condition through massage therapy. In such cases, the massage therapist must choose the best massage therapy method for the person and implement it while observing the necessary sensitivities. The best massage center in Isfahan; Carrying out fan therapy, one of the most important and practical methods of treatment that has been used since ancient times is called fan therapy. Fan therapy is the use of round cups upside down on certain parts of the body, which helps to reduce the pain of the treated area. This treatment method is considered among the methods of traditional Chinese medicine that improves blood circulation in the treated area. If air therapy is performed in a principled manner by skilled and experienced people, it can have very good effects for the treatment of patients. Air therapy can be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and Neck or injuries caused by various activities are used. The use of wind therapy along with other complementary methods such as acupuncture can have very positive effects on the treatment of various disorders. Keep in mind that wind therapy can have the most benefits and the least complications when To be done by professional and skilled people. In this way, if you are looking to choose the best massage center in Isfahan so that you can experience wind therapy in the best possible way, we suggest you Iranian Massage Center in Isfahan. Choosing the best massage center in Isfahan; Using the best equipment for massage therapy Although massage therapy is performed through hand movements and applying controlled pressure to the soft tissues of the body, however, the use of appropriate and quality tools and equipment will help the effectiveness of this treatment method as much as possible. did Some of the most important measures and equipment that should be considered during massage therapy in the best massage center in Isfahan are: using quality massage oils, using standard wooden tools, using lotions and creams compatible with people’s skin, using A suitable bed for massage, which is usually used as a portable massage bed or a fixed massage bed, using massage accessories such as foot cushions or massage stones that help the patient more comfortably, keep in mind that the equipment and tools The requirement for massage therapy will also depend on the type of massage method. For example, in performing Thai massage, tools such as cross massage stick, triangular massage stick, spoon massage stick, star stick, mallet massager, ribbed roller massage stick and the like may be used. The best massage center in Isfahan under The Iranian massage center is one of the best centers that pay great attention to the selection of equipment and materials. In fact, the use of high-quality massage oils and standard massage equipment for clients is one of the main priorities of Isfahan Iranian Massage Center. The clients of the center can choose a variety of oils with their desired scents, including orange, vanilla, lavender, or rose. In order to improve the skin or reduce muscle pains and cramps, it is recommended to use suitable lotions. Therefore, the massage therapists in the Iranian massage therapy complex of Isfahan use a variety of lotions and vitamin creams, muscle warming lotions and creams suitable for sports massages, during the implementation of the massage. Choosing the best massage center in Isfahan; Doing all kinds of massages related to beauty is one of the most important types of massage therapy that is considered by women and men today, facial and skin massage. We mentioned before that doing massage improves blood circulation in the treated area and gives vitality and freshness to the person. Certainly, massaging the face, head and neck will increase the volume of blood circulating in these areas. As a result, the power of the skin to remove dead cells and regenerate increases. In the long run, this issue will increase the vitality of the facial skin and lead to more beauty. One of the main services of the Iranian massage center in Isfahan is providing beauty massage therapy services. In this way, if you are looking to choose the best massage center in Isfahan with the aim of beauty, we suggest you visit the Iranian massage therapy center. Choosing the best massage center in Isfahan; Massage therapy services at home In many cases, a person may not be able to attend a massage therapy center. For example, sometimes a patient has completely lost his motor power due to a stroke. Of course, in such a situation, moving the patient will be difficult for him and his family. Also, sometimes the best massage center in Isfahan is far from the patient’s home. In such a situation, you can use the home massage services of the desired center. One of the best services of the Iranian Massage Therapy Center in Isfahan is home massage therapy. People can, if they wish, make the necessary arrangements to implement massage therapy at home with the personnel of this center. Iranian Physiotherapy Clinic; The most equipped clinic. Choosing a reliable health center with a professional treatment team can give you the best result of injury treatment in the Iranian health complex. Iranian Physiotherapy is considered as one of the best centers of Iranian Health Group among the best physiotherapy centers in Isfahan. This center is managed under the supervision of Dr. Mehdi Sediqi, a physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialist. The Iranian health group includes the Iranian fitness club and the Iranian hydrotherapy group. People who are not able to perform physical exercises or corrective physical therapy can perform these movements in the hydrotherapy pool.

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