What are the complications of breast prosthesis surgery? How likely is the prosthesis to break?

Complications of breast implants are one of the main concerns of those who want to have breast implants. This beautiful operation is performed to increase the size and shape of the breast in women. But it can also have cosmetic side effects for the person, from pain and swelling and bleeding to more serious side effects such as capsular contracture and rupture and leakage of the prosthesis. If you also want to do this operation but are worried about its complications, join us in this article to learn more about breast implant surgery, the benefits and complications of breast prosthesis surgery. At Doctorto, you can get to know the best cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons for breast prosthesis, receive online and telephone consultations from them, or make an online appointment for a face-to-face consultation. The doctor selects the best prosthesis size after examining the appearance and health characteristics of the person. Choosing the size of the prosthesis and the type of brand depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon. Then the surgeon determines a suitable day for the prosthesis operation. Breast prosthesis is performed using general anesthesia and in a completely sterile environment. By making a fine cut under the breast, the implant is implanted. The prosthesis placement technique is different. After examining the condition of the applicant, the doctor chooses the tissue or under the muscle tissue to place the prosthesis. After completing these steps, the incision site is sewn using very fine stitches. Does breast prosthesis have complications? According to “cancer.org.au”, like any invasive surgery, breast implant surgery carries risks and complications for the individual. Although not everyone may necessarily experience the side effects of breast implants, the common side effects of breast implants are numbness of the nipples, pain and dizziness due to the anesthetic. Due to the fact that the reaction of the immune system of people is different, naturally, the symptoms and complications of breast prosthesis operation and its severity will be different in different people. The general side effects of this surgery are usually resolved within the first few days after the operation. The skill, experience and expertise of the surgeon and the equipment of the clinic or hospital where the breast prosthesis is performed play an important role in the severity of breast prosthesis complications. Breast prosthesis surgery, like any invasive surgery, has risks and complications for a person. Breast prosthesis and breastfeeding In general, performing breast cosmetic surgeries such as lift, mammoplasty and breast prosthesis does not cause any disturbance in the breastfeeding process. In some cases, during the operation, the surgeon may mistakenly damage the lactation nerves or mammary glands, in which case there will be a disturbance in the breastfeeding process. The method of performing the breast implant operation, the incision site and the placement model of the prostheses are among the factors that cause disruption in breastfeeding if not followed. Do breast implants cause cancer? Currently, there is no documented scientific reason for the possibility of breast cancer or a higher risk of breast cancer in people who have breast implants. Therefore, breast implants cannot be considered the cause of breast cancer in women. Does breast prosthesis prevent the detection of cancerous masses? Along with the concerns regarding the link between breast implants and breast cancer, there is also the concern of whether breast implants delay the diagnosis of breast cancer or not. The problem of breast cancer diagnosis is mostly attributed to silicone or saline (salt water) prostheses. One of the methods for diagnosing breast cancer is mammography. The gel and salt water solution in these prostheses do not allow the passage of mammography waves, as a result, the breast tissue cannot be seen during the mammography examination, although fortunately, thanks to the advancement of technology, this problem does not arise in most mammography devices. According to doctors’ advice, people with a family history of breast cancer should not get breast implants. Breast implants may interfere with mammogram images. Complications of breast prosthesis in flight. Flying by plane does not conflict with breast prosthesis surgery. In fact, after the person has completed the recovery period, he can do all the normal work as usual, and flying in the plane is not against it. According to doctors, it is better not to fly for at least a week after the operation. The quality of the breast prostheses, the strength of the silicone inside the prostheses and the thickness of the shells are designed in such a way that changes in height due to flight do not affect them and have no complications. Breast implants have complications, but they do not lead to breast cancer, do not interfere with breastfeeding or prevent flying. What are the complications of breast prosthesis? According to “plasticsurgery”, breast prosthesis, like all cosmetic surgeries, has possible complications. It doesn’t matter what kind of prosthesis is used. Complications of silicone breast prosthesis and complications of saline breast prosthesis are almost the same. The most common side effects of breast implants include: 1. Chronic pain is one of the side effects of breast implants that most people experience. Chronic pain that does not last long and is caused by capsular swelling and contraction. 2. Infection Infection is one of the most common complications of silicone and saline breast implants, which is caused by non-observance of hygiene measures, contamination of operating room equipment, and non-sterile dressing after surgery. To cure the infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. If the infection becomes acute, there is no choice but to remove the breast prosthesis. Symptoms such as redness around the breast area, pain, burning sensation, inflammation and swelling are signs of breast infection after the prosthesis. 3. Scars Scars and skin scars are one of the complications of breast augmentation surgery, which is due to the incision made in the lower part of the breast to insert the prosthesis, although the scar can be treated with restorative creams and lasers after healing. 4. Redness of the skin around the breast due to the sensitivity of the skin around the breast, the possibility of swelling and redness in this area is one of the common side effects of breast prosthesis surgery. 5. Abnormal breast swelling or swelling is one of the other complications of breast prosthesis surgery, which is usually observed in the first days after the operation and resolves within two or three days. Pain, skin redness, swelling, infection and bleeding are the most common side effects of breast prosthesis in the first days after the operation. 6. Bleeding in surgeries that involve incisions is completely normal. Performing heavy physical activities after the operation may damage the stitches and cause bleeding. In case of bleeding, be sure to inform the specialist doctor. 7. Capsular contraction Capsular contraction is a part of the treatment process after breast implant surgery. When the prosthesis enters the body as a foreign body, the body reacts naturally and fibrotic tissue is produced around the capsule. Over time, this fibrous capsule around the prosthesis becomes smaller and capsular contraction occurs. Usually, moms of people deal with this kind of side effects of breast prosthesis surgery. Capsular contraction is the body’s natural reaction to breast implants. 8. Prosthesis Rupture Injury, fracture, or rupture of the prosthesis are unpleasant side effects of breast prosthesis surgery that pose a great risk to the individual. After the prosthesis ruptures, the liquid inside it penetrates the body tissue and reaches the lymph nodes. The content of the saline body prosthesis is absorbed by the body from tearing and does not cause a problem, and only the shell should be removed. But silicone prosthesis and permanent prosthesis should be removed immediately if they break. 9. Prosthetic wrinkles and ripples are the most common side effects of breast prosthesis surgery, which are usually caused by the poor quality of the prostheses. Wrinkling or waviness is mostly seen in saline and silicone prostheses, which is due to the movement of the liquid inside. 10. Silicone leakage Silicone leakage and penetration of materials inside the prosthesis into the body tissue causes the formation of underlying masses called silicone granuloma. 11. Seroma Seroma is not only a complication of breast prosthesis surgery, but it is also common in most cosmetic procedures. The cause of seroma is the accumulation of fluids around the breast prosthesis, which causes pain, swelling, changes in the shape and prominence of the breast. For treatment, the accumulated fluid must be drained with a special syringe or through a surface cut on the skin. For more information about breast implant complications, you can have a phone consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. The complications of this operation can be prevented to a large extent by choosing a skilled surgeon. So, before proceeding to your doctor, look for the best plastic surgeon for breast implants. What are the symptoms of breast prosthesis complications? Warning signs, known as breast implant complications, include: abnormal and long-lasting swelling, burning sensation, redness around the breast area. If you have these symptoms, you can easily consult your doctor by using the telephone consultation service with a plastic surgeon at your doctor. What to do to prevent breast prosthesis complications? You can prevent the complications of breast prosthesis by observing the following: taking prescribed medications by a doctor, taking vitamin C before surgery, following a protein diet for 4 to 5 weeks, such as chicken, fish, red meat, and eggs, stopping the use of drugs and steroid injections before surgery. Using sports bras and bras for 6 weeks. To prevent the complications of breast prosthesis, you must take care after breast prosthesis seriously. If the swelling of the breast after the operation is abnormal, the target area becomes red, and you feel a lot of burning and pain, visit your plastic surgeon to check the complications. What is the cause of low breast after prosthesis? If the size and type of breast prosthesis is not suitable, or if the physical condition of the person is not compatible with the type of prosthesis chosen by the doctor, there is a possibility of breast sagging after the operation. It is recommended that you thoroughly research the type of prosthesis and its size before proceeding to minimize the risk of the breast being low after the prosthesis. Failure to observe the necessary care after the operation can be another reason for the breast to be low after the prosthesis. What is the cause of breast burning after implanting a prosthesis? Internal bleeding and infection are the causes of breast burning after implanting a prosthesis. Capsular contracture can also be another cause of breast burning after surgery. How does the breast feel after the prosthesis? Usually, there is no change in the sensation of the breast after implant prosthesis, although in some people, a decrease in nipple sensitivity is observed as a side effect of breast prosthesis surgery, which usually resolves after passing the recovery period. Some people experience nipple numbness after breast implants. Your frequently asked questions In this section, we answer your questions about breast prosthesis complications. If you have a question that you did not find an answer to in this article, please comment your question at the end of this article so that our experts will answer it as soon as possible. Who cannot use breast implants? People who have not reached puberty, cancer patients, people who have infections, patients with immune system deficiency, people with wound healing and blood coagulation disorder, people who have a history of radiotherapy and those who have poor general health cannot use breast prosthesis. Is the breast prosthesis removable? Breast prosthesis is permanent and has a long shelf life of 10 to 20 years, which can be removed and replaced in case of rupture, infection or problem. Does the breast prosthesis burst? Yes, it is possible for the breast prosthesis to tear and burst, but it is very rare. If the breast prosthesis bursts, must it be removed? In salt water breast prosthesis after rupture, salt water is absorbed by the body, but in silicone breast prosthesis and fixed breast prosthesis, if the shell of the prosthesis is torn, the gel is not absorbed by the body tissue and penetrates into the lymph nodes. Therefore, it must be removed. How much does a breast prosthesis cost? Depending on the type and brand of prosthesis, the cost will vary; Something between 10 and 100 million tomans. You can see the cost of breast prosthesis by referring to the salt water breast prosthesis article. What is the method of diagnosing breast infection after prosthesis? Symptoms such as redness around the breast area, pain, burning sensation, inflammation and swelling are signs of breast infection after the prosthesis. If you have these symptoms, it is better to see a plastic surgeon. Is it possible to replace the prosthesis after infection? If the infection is not resolved with medication and drainage of excess water, the prosthesis should be removed and replaced. Are the side effects of breast prosthesis less under the muscle or on the muscle? Pain and swelling are common side effects of breast prosthesis and it does not matter if the prosthesis is under the muscle or on the muscle. Complications of breast prosthesis surgery depend on various factors. In the case that the prosthesis is placed under the muscle, less pressure is usually applied to the prosthesis and the possibility of complications such as capsular contracture is reduced. What are the complications of breast prosthesis in sex? Since sexual intercourse irritates the breasts, if the intercourse is established before recovery, there is a possibility of pain, inflammation, swelling, and redness of the breasts. Therefore, it is better to avoid intense sex between 4 and 12 weeks after the operation. Conclusion and guide to see a doctor. People who are unhappy with the small size of their breasts can use breast implants to increase the size of their breasts. Silicone breast prosthesis and saline are two common types of breast prosthesis that exist in round and teardrop shapes, the round shape is more useful and fills the middle area of ​​the breast. The side effects of breast prosthesis surgery include pain, bleeding, dizziness, swelling, inflammation, redness of the area around the breast, coldness, rupture and leakage of silicone, deformity and capsular contracture. If the side effects of breast prosthesis surgery are severe and unusual, immediately contact a specialist doctor and look for a treatment method. Visit your doctor’s website for a phone consultation with a plastic surgery specialist and get help from its online specialists. Your doctor takes care of your health!

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