What are the side effects of fat injection?

Today, beauty has become one of the main preoccupations of most people around the world. Thanks to the advancement of medical technology around the world, various methods have been created to remove beauty obstacles and improve it. One of these methods, which has become very popular and common for several years, is fat injection. This beauty technique is mainly used to improve the tissues and rejuvenate the skin. Although this method has many advantages, it is natural to worry about the risks and consequences of this cosmetic procedure like many people. In this article, in order to reduce your worries and give you a realistic view of fat injection, we will examine the most important side effects of fat injection. In addition to possible complications and risks, by reviewing the benefits of fat injection, we point out the conditions that require this procedure. Do not forget that the strong desire to be more beautiful is not so effortless. People’s increasing acceptance of beauty methods has caused some profit-seeking people to make people’s health and beauty a prey for their profit-seeking goals. Therefore, before any action, do enough research about your beauty and collect the necessary information. This article will help you achieve this goal. What is fat injection? One of the major problems that each of us experiences in relation to our aging is the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin in the body’s skin, which causes a decrease in the volume of skin fat. When the fat decreases, the skin becomes dry and eventually wrinkles appear. There are many different solutions to eliminate skin dryness and wrinkles, and fat injection is known as one of the most practical solutions. In this skin rejuvenation technique, beauticians use fats as fillers. Filler refers to injectable materials that are already prepared for the intended purpose, and fats are also included in this category; But with the difference that in the fat injection method, they use the fat of the person’s own body. These fats show much less side effects than other fillers, because they are removed from the body anyway and are less subject to negative body reactions. Fats may be removed from different areas of the body such as the thighs and injected into other areas such as the breasts, face, buttocks and arms. Some people believe that the complications of fat injection are very high and bring irreparable risks, but you should know that this view of fat injection is completely wrong; Because if this beauty procedure is performed under the supervision of a specialist doctor in a professional clinic, not only does it not carry many risks, but you can enjoy its benefits for longer years. When should you consider fat injection? Fat injection has many benefits, but it is better to inject it at the right time. You can enjoy great benefits by avoiding the side effects of fat injection. But is this beauty technique suitable for you and can it meet your needs? If you have any of the following conditions, this method may be the right option for you: If you feel that part of your face has sunken and lost its volume, you can apply for fat injection. If you want to use more permanent methods than gel injection to rejuvenate your skin. If you want to highlight the curves you have on the body surface (contour line) so that they are more defined, you can benefit from fat injection. Fat injection is very suitable for removing scars and scars. If you want to shape your breasts using a contour line, you can use the fat injection technique. Fat injection is dangerous for which people? Fortunately, the fat injection technique is introduced as a low-risk treatment method, but many factors can cause the occurrence of possible risks. If the specialist doctor has enough experience and skill, the operation is performed with a lower risk. It is necessary to keep in mind that your mental and physical health can influence the results of the operation to a large extent, so arrange various consultations with the doctor before the operation and all important factors such as your physical health. Check it out completely. People with the following conditions should not use this treatment method; Except when complete recovery is achieved and the doctor recommends fat injection. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is better to wait until after giving birth and breastfeeding and not to do this beauty technique. Those who have had severe and abnormal bleeding in the past. People who have some internal and skin infections. Some people are allergic to some medicinal substances, which may be dangerous for them, so they should inform the doctor or avoid fat injection altogether. People who heavily use tobacco (such as cigarettes and hookah) should not do this treatment. Some people have unreasonable expectations from this simple act; That is why it is very important to tell your doctor your expectations before the operation and make a realistic decision. Advantages of fat injection Before examining the side effects of fat injection in full, we intend to introduce you to the most important advantages of this practical technique. The benefits of fat injection include: improving the condition of skin tissues, skin rejuvenation, reducing the size of open pores and eliminating scars and pits caused by pimples in the facial skin area, early absorption of fat in the desired areas, getting the best results after only one treatment. Injection, the cost-effectiveness of this treatment method because it only needs to be done once. Correction of asymmetry in some tissues of the face and body, high durability of fats (reported on average between 3 and 5 years). Using natural body fat and not needing foreign substances, the possibility of injecting natural fat to any part of the body, creating a natural appearance. Examining the most important side effects of fat injection, no treatment method related to beauty is without side effects. Of course, by looking up and down the advantages and disadvantages of a beauty technique, you can conclude whether doing that technique can benefit you or whether the result is worth the complications. Fat injection is not excluded from other treatment methods and may cause different side effects. But keep in mind that there are many ways to prevent complications, which we will mention below. The most important side effects of fat injection include the following: a relatively long recovery period that should be accompanied by rest. The body may show different reactions to the injection of fats. In some cases, the body tissue where the injection was made may be damaged. It is possible that a scar will remain, but it is very rare and this complication does not occur in all people. Skin infections may develop after fat injection, which are largely controllable. Seroma or hematoma (blood clot or fluid accumulation under the skin) is another side effect of fat injection. In few cases, there is a need for re-injection of fat, which is done according to the doctor’s opinion and diagnosis. There is a possibility of sensitivity to anesthetics. Skin sensations may be disturbed and this condition occurs temporarily. Strategies to reduce the side effects of fat injection As we mentioned earlier, you can greatly reduce the possibility of side effects by following some guidelines. If you intend to perform the fat injection operation, it is better to pay attention to these important points 5 to 6 weeks before the operation: you probably know the importance of the high amount of water in the skin; It doesn’t matter how the operation is done, it is better to increase the water consumption a few weeks before the operation and thus hydrate your skin sufficiently. Note that it is very important to hydrate the skin right before the operation. Smoking greatly slows down blood circulation in the skin, which may affect your healing process. Try to avoid smoking cigarettes and hookah before the operation (about 6 weeks). Taking pills like aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs increase blood supply to the body. This volume of blood supply causes the accumulation of blood in some areas of the body, which makes the doctor face many challenges during the operation. It is better to stop taking these pills before the operation to reduce the side effects of fat injection. One of the factors that make you recover faster after fat injection is the length of time and how you rest. It is better to completely cancel your plans for a short time before the injection so that you do not have to go out of the house. Be sure to ask a companion to be with you and take care of you both during and after the operation. Body conditions after fat injection usually the side effects of fat injection appear immediately after the injection or one or two days after the operation. Complications such as bruising and swelling may occur in the injection area after the operation. Keep in mind that bruising may go away after a week, but swelling is usually more permanent and takes longer to heal. Adequate rest is highly recommended in these situations. It is better to follow all the doctor’s instructions correctly to reduce the severity of the side effects, and to return to the normal process of daily life, it is better to consult your doctor and gradually return to normal conditions after performing the necessary examinations. The more you rest, the more satisfied you will be with your operation. Do not forget that every body has a unique situation, so some symptoms may appear with more or less severity. In these cases, it is better to be patient and double the care taking into account your physical condition. Is severe pain one of the side effects of fat injection? Fat injection to any area of ​​the body is not painful compared to other treatment techniques; Especially since fat injections are performed after anesthesia. However, the area where the injection is made affects the amount of pain you feel. Among other influential factors, we can mention the pain tolerance threshold of each person. Usually, after fat injection, doctors prescribe painkillers and sedatives to control pain, you can avoid the pain caused by fat injection to a large extent by preparing these pills and consuming them regularly. The amount of pain you may experience depends on factors such as pain tolerance, filler type, needle size, and the experience and skill of the doctor. Is there a visible scar or wound after fat injection? Scars are introduced as one of the side effects of fat injection, but the injection itself does not cause scars or scars, but in the stage of fat removal from other parts of the body, scars may be created. To remove fat from other parts of the body, the specialist doctor usually makes small incisions to perform liposuction, which remains in place. In the following, we will examine some points related to the creation of these scars: Usually, liposuction incisions are very small and are created in a place that is not very visible. The possibility of scar tissue formation or the clarity of the scar depends entirely on the skill and experience of the doctor. Genetic characteristics are very influential, because some people are genetically predisposed to the formation of scars or keloid scars. Most scars caused by liposuction fade over time and are no longer easily visible. During liposuction, the surgeon uses a metal rod called a cannula to remove fat. Some of these metal pipes are very thick, so they need more cutting; This issue causes the scars created to be relatively larger. Today, very small cannulas are used, and large cannulas are usually found in older centers. Scars created after liposuction are usually seen in two ways. 1) real scars and 2) scars caused by skin color changes. Skin color changes can also show in two ways. One is to darken (hyperpigmentation) or lighten (hypopigmentation) skin. Is it possible to inject another person’s body fat into your body? no You can never inject another person’s body fat into your body; Because your body tissues know fats well and absorb them in the shortest possible time, but other people’s fats have no harmony with your skin cells and tissues and are rejected by the body. How long does fat injection usually take? The duration of the fat injection operation depends on factors such as the location and the amount to be injected. For example, fat injection to the breast and fat injection to the hips require a larger volume of fat for extraction, so the duration of the operation also increases. Should the side effects of fat injection be considered dangerous? No foreign substances are used in the fat injection treatment, this technique is always presented as one of the least dangerous treatment methods. Usually, the occurrence of severe side effects in this method is very rare, and side effects such as bruising and swelling disappear without treatment after 10 to 14 days after the injection. After fat injection, when can you start sports activities? Doctors usually recommend that after fat injection, you stop heavy sports activities and just rest. But keep in mind that slow walking can be very helpful in preventing blood pooling in the leg veins. Also, walking can be very effective in reducing swelling. It is better to walk slowly for 20 minutes 2 to 3 days a week.

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