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Breast prosthesis or breast implant is a type of cosmetic surgery to increase the size and shape of the breast in women. Based on gender, breast prostheses are divided into three types: fixed breast prostheses, silicone breast prostheses, and saline breast prostheses. Fixed or permanent breast prosthesis (gummy bear) is one of the available options to increase the volume and size of the breasts. A type of prosthesis containing a cohesive gel liquid similar to a teardrop, which can maintain the shape of the breasts better than other silicone and saline breast prostheses. Follow us in this article to learn about permanent implants. Visit your doctor’s website for a telephone consultation with a plastic surgeon or to make an online appointment with a cosmetic surgeon for fixed breast prosthesis and benefit from the online consultation of cosmetic and plastic surgeons. What is a fixed breast prosthesis? According to “healthline”, fixed breast prosthesis (Gummy Bear) is one of the three types of breast prosthesis, which does not differ in quality from the other two types and is used only depending on the patient’s condition, feeling of comfort, incision site, cost, and discretion of the plastic surgeon. The permanent implant has dense and firm tissue, which makes it less likely to damage and tear the breast prosthesis. Rupture of fixed breast prosthesis does not affect the appearance of these prostheses. In the permanent implant procedure, the surgeon must make larger incisions to place the prostheses. What is the shape of fixed breast prosthesis? The shape of the permanent implant is like a teardrop and similar to the anatomy of the breast, they have more prominence at the bottom and more silicone density. In terms of appearance, fixed breast implants are more natural compared to saline implants, but they look more unnatural than silicone implants. The shape of the fixed breast prosthesis has a shape like a teardrop. How long is a permanent breast prosthesis? The durability and longevity of the permanent implant depends on various factors, including the breast prosthesis brand. On average, the lifespan of a permanent breast prosthesis is between 12 and 25 years, or even longer. Although permanent breast prostheses are famous for their long life span, they still have a certain life span. If there is a serious problem with the dentures, there is no choice but to replace them, but otherwise, a permanent implant may work for a person for life. The risk of tearing and damaging the permanent implant increases by one percent every year; That is, after 10 years of breast implant surgery, the chance of the prosthesis breaking is 10%. Permanent or fixed breast prosthesis has a lifespan of 12-25 years, which is considered lifelong, but it is more expensive than other types of breast prosthesis. What is the price of fixed breast prosthesis? Breast augmentation surgery is not covered by insurance. Fixed breast prosthesis is more expensive compared to other prostheses, and its cost is between 6 and 12 thousand dollars, which factors such as the expertise and skill of the surgeon, the clinic or hospital where the operation was performed, and the brand type have an effect on the cost of fixed breast prosthesis. The costs of anesthesia, hospital and medical bra, and costs related to the recovery period and post-operative care should also be included in the permanent implant cost. Who can use fixed breast prosthesis? Breast implant operation is a type of cosmetic surgery that is performed with the aim of increasing the volume or shape of the breasts. People who want to increase the size or volume of their breasts or breast lift, but do not like the unusual and unnatural shape of other implants, can use permanent or fixed breast prosthesis. Who should not use fixed breast prosthesis? Pregnant and lactating women are not allowed to use fixed breast prosthesis. Silicone implants are only allowed for people over 22 years old. Like other breast implant models, the main purpose of fixed breast prosthesis is to correct and improve the shape and size of the breasts. Advantages and disadvantages of fixed breast prosthesis, like other breast implant models, the main purpose of fixed breast prosthesis is to correct and improve the shape and size of the breasts. Silicone and saline breast implants give the breasts a round shape, and if the implants rotate in the future, there will be no problem with the appearance of the breasts, but the permanent implant has a teardrop shape and is thicker and denser than the other two popular models. This is one of the advantages of permanent implants for people who do not like the upper part of the breasts to be full, and prefer a natural appearance similar to real breasts with a natural droop in the lower half of the breast. The risk of capsular contraction, which is one of the possible side effects of silicone and saline implants, is lower in fixed breast implants. Another advantage of permanent breast implants is the lower possibility of rupture and injury, which is due to the higher silicone density and the firmer nature of this type of permanent implant. One of the main disadvantages of this type of breast augmentation is that the cosmetic surgeon must make a larger incision during the implant operation, as a result, the possibility of scarring increases. Another disadvantage of the permanent breast implant is its teardrop shape, which creates an inappropriate appearance if the prosthesis rotates in the body, because this type of fixed breast prosthesis is not the same size in all parts. To prevent the rotation of these types of implants, the shell of the permanent implant is usually textured, which causes the surrounding tissue to cover the prosthesis and prevent it from rotating. Fixed or permanent prosthesis requires a larger incision for placement and its price is higher than other types of prosthesis. Complications of fixed breast prosthesis, although the permanent implant has satisfactory results for the patient, but like any other surgery, the cosmetic procedure of fixed breast prosthesis also has its own complications. If you see any of the following complications, see a doctor and plastic surgeon. In the following, let’s read some common side effects of breast prosthesis: Bleeding, infection, changes in the sensation of the nipples, implant rupture, scar, nausea and vomiting caused by anesthesia after breast prosthesis surgery, wrinkling of the tissue around the breast, dissatisfaction with the size or appearance of the breasts. Other side effects of breast implants include severe vomiting, back and back pain, and weight loss. Is the use of fixed breast prosthesis carcinogenic? Thousands of women around the world go to increase the size of their breasts, increase their volume and make them more beautiful. Since the middle of 2000, women have gone more for the natural look of fixed breast implants. Ever since the invention of these implants, there have always been concerns about breast cancer. However, recent studies by the US Food and Drug Administration have found a relationship between this type of breast implant and a rare type of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma. For this reason, today, doctors and plastic surgeons recommend other less risky forms of breast augmentation to patients. It is true that the benefits of fixed breast prostheses outweigh the possible risks of these types of prostheses, but compared to saline and silicone breast implants, fixed breast prostheses are more carcinogenic. Post-operative care of fixed breast prosthesis, usually after surgery, the patient is discharged from the hospital the same day or the next day according to the expert surgeon’s opinion. The result of the operation has a direct relationship with the care after the breast prosthesis operation. It is forbidden to drive, perform sports and heavy physical activities and move the arms in the first to second week after the breast prosthesis operation. Due to the possible side effects of anesthetics, it is better not to be left alone for 72 hours after the operation. Another post-breast augmentation care is to sit and walk for the first 72 hours after breast augmentation surgery to minimize the risk of blood clots. Here are some of the things that you should follow in the care after the breast prosthesis operation: short walks at home, taking painkillers and antibiotics and prescription drugs, not using your arms for the first week after the operation, getting help from others to get up. It is forbidden to sleep on your side and stomach and you should sleep sitting up. It is forbidden to hug the baby in the first week after the operation. Wearing special medical bras, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, using cold compresses. After breast implants, you must take special care in terms of sleeping and so on. Comparison of permanent breast prosthesis with other types of breast implants, quoted by “drbresnick”, the main difference between permanent implants and other types of breast implants is the consistency of the gel liquid inside permanent breast implants. This type of breast implant is more rigid than silicone breast prosthesis or saline breast prosthesis, it maintains the shape of the breasts better and has a more natural touch. Permanent implants give a person a sense of youth and vitality and look like the breasts of young women. Both permanent breast implants and silicone breast implants feel softer to the touch than saline implants. The unique advantage of permanent implants for women who have breast reconstruction surgery is that they do not need to be placed exactly on the existing breast tissue. Another difference between permanent implants and other types of breast implants is safety. One of the risks and dangers of early silicone implants was rupture and the possibility of silicone sitting on the tissue around the breast. The risk is minimized thanks to the thicker and stronger outer layer of the implants. The risk of leakage in the permanent breast prosthesis has become very small, because the gel inside is dense enough that it does not spread in the tissue even if it is torn. The need for more cuts in the skin is another difference between permanent breast implants and other types of breast implants, which require a smaller cut. The last difference is the cost of fixed breast prosthesis, which is usually higher than traditional silicone implant models. Is a fixed breast prosthesis the same as a permanent prosthesis? Yes, this product is the same permanent prosthesis that is one of the possible options for breast augmentation. This type of teardrop gel prosthesis is also known as “gummy bear”, which keeps its shape better than other types of saline and silicone breast implants. Each type of breast implant has its advantages and disadvantages. Is a fixed breast prosthesis the same as a silicone breast prosthesis? This prosthesis model is different from silicone breast prosthesis. Silicone breast prosthesis has a round appearance and is filled with gel and is used to improve the appearance of small or asymmetrical breast tissue. These prostheses, which are used for the purpose of breast beauty, are called silicone breast implants. The outer surface of the silicone breast prosthesis is made of hardened silicone, and the inside is softer and gel-like. If the silicone breast prosthesis breaks, its gel contents are not absorbed by the body and may cause complications and problems for the person. Is a fixed breast prosthesis the same as a saline breast prosthesis? No, this prosthesis model is different from saline breast prosthesis. Saline breast implants have an impermeable silicone outer layer that is filled with a sterile salt water (saline) solution. Some breast prostheses are filled with saline before and some are filled with saline during the implant. Saline breast prostheses are more rigid than silicone prostheses, if they tear, they become smooth and flat and the saline inside them is absorbed by the body. Is a fixed prosthesis better or a silicone and saline prosthesis? This prosthesis model is better than silicone or saline prosthesis, because it has less tearing and leakage. In addition, it gives a more natural look and feel to the breasts. Which specialist should we refer to for implanting a fixed breast prosthesis? He is a specialist in plastic surgery and medical aesthetics that you should refer to for advice on breast implants and how to do them. At your doctor, you can have a phone consultation with the best plastic surgeon or make an online appointment. To choose the best type of breast implant, you can get a phone consultation from a plastic surgeon at your doctor. Your frequently asked questions In this section, we answer your questions about fixed breast prosthesis. If you have a question that you did not find an answer to in this article, please comment your question at the end of this article so that our experts will answer it as soon as possible. Does the use of a fixed breast prosthesis prevent breastfeeding? The permanent breast implant has nothing to do with the milk ducts and the two have no contradictions, although the natural state of the breasts before surgery and the type of incision used by the cosmetic surgeon to implant the prosthesis also affect the possibility of breastfeeding with this prosthesis model. Prosthetic breasts do not change during breastfeeding and pregnancy. Is fixed breast prosthesis dangerous? No, this prosthesis model is not dangerous and it is less dangerous than the other two types of silicone breast prosthesis and salt water. Can fixed breast prosthesis be removed? Yes, if needed, the permanent implant can be removed. What happens if the fixed breast prosthesis bursts? In case of bursting of this prosthetic model, the gel liquid inside it will leak into the tissue around the breasts, of course, due to the high strength and rigidity of this prosthetic model, the possibility of bursting of this type of implants is less than the silicone and saline types. A permanent implant that ruptures should be replaced or removed as soon as possible. Conclusion and guide to see a doctor. This prosthetic model is a very cohesive and hard silicone gel implant similar to a bear pastille, which will maintain its shape even if the implant shell is torn and broken. The gel inside the fixed breast prosthesis is more consistent than the liquid state of the silicone and saline models, and they are available in a round or teardrop shape. The lifespan of this prosthesis model is longer than other models and has a higher durability, of course, this durability has a price and that is why permanent breast implants are more expensive compared to saline and silicone breast prosthesis. The safety of fixed breast prosthesis is higher than other models, because they are less likely to tear. Although this high safety does not mean that they are safe; Therefore, it is recommended to consult with a plastic surgeon about the type and brand of breast prosthesis before doing anything. The cosmetic doctor and plastic surgeon must have sufficient expertise and skill in their work, besides, the reputation of the plastic surgeon and the satisfaction of previous patients play an important role in the selection. To consult with a plastic surgeon about breast lift, breast prosthesis and fixed breast prosthesis, you can visit your doctor’s website. Your doctor takes care of your health!

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