What is invisible orthodontics? What are the different types and what are their advantages?

Invisible orthodontics is a popular procedure in the field of dental aesthetics. If you have regretted dental orthodontics because of your social conditions, stay with us in this article. Next, we will explain, what is invisible tooth orthodontics? What are the different types? How much does this orthodontic cost? What are its advantages and disadvantages and for whom is it suitable? If you want to have your teeth orthodontic, you should visit a dentist for advice and to choose the best method. You can contact the doctor through your doctor’s website. In addition to the face-to-face appointment system, there is the possibility of online and telephone consultation with a specialist. What is invisible orthodontics? Orthodontics is a cosmetic and therapeutic method that helps to arrange the teeth properly. People who have irregular teeth or the distance between their teeth are large, use orthodontics to beautify their teeth. But this method is not limited to a beauty technique. One of the techniques that has become very popular today and is used by more than 2 million people worldwide is invisible orthodontics. Many people who have given up on orthodontics due to protruding brackets and their unattractiveness, have used invisible orthodontics with this method and are satisfied with it. Invisible orthodontics is one of the new and popular dental services. Orthodontic brackets are not seen in this method. This method can be used to fix crooked teeth or the distance between teeth. Types of invisible orthodontics Invisible orthodontics is one of the best dental services. This technique has different types. Some of them are completely invisible and others are somewhat visible. Each of these types of orthodontics has advantages and disadvantages. The doctor suggests the best type according to the type and severity of the tooth problem. We will explain each of these methods below. 1. Fixed invisible orthodontics Some types of invisible orthodontics are fixed and cannot be removed from the mouth. Until the changes reach the ideal level, the brackets remain in the mouth. The types of fixed orthodontics are: Invisible lingual orthodontics In lingual or internal orthodontics, braces are attached behind the teeth. First, scanned images are prepared from the back of the teeth and custom brackets are made according to it. Sometimes internal brackets are used only for upper teeth and sometimes for both jaws. People who are constantly in the public eye because of their jobs are in favor of this method and use the lingual method for orthodontics. These brackets are fixed and remain on the teeth until the treatment is completed. In the lingual orthodontic method, the brackets are attached to the back of the teeth. Invisible orthodontics with tooth-colored brackets. Composite or ceramic brackets are used in this method. These brackets are more fragile and weaker than metal brackets. They are also larger than metal brackets. As we said, ceramic braces are fixed and remain on the teeth until the treatment is completed. Since these brackets are fragile, the dentist applies pressure slowly during each examination. For this reason, the length of treatment is longer than traditional orthodontics. In invisible orthodontics with ceramic brackets, the brackets are tooth-colored and cannot be seen. 2. Invisible removable orthodontics In the removable orthodontics method, the mold can be removed from the mouth at any time of the day or night. Of course, the mold should not be taken out of the mouth for more than 4 hours a day. Otherwise, the effect of orthodontics will be very low. Movable orthodontics is very popular and the following technique is used for it. Invisible orthodontics with clear plate Clear plates or aligners are mobile and removable. This method is invisible orthodontics without wires. To prepare them, a custom mold is taken from the teeth and a plaque is prepared according to this mold. Clear plaques are minimally invasive and cause little pain. These plaques are wear-resistant and do not become cloudy. You can remove the plaque from your mouth while eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. Using clear aligners requires discipline. If you don’t use them regularly, there will be a delay in the treatment and the cost of alternative treatment may be added to your expenses. According to webmd regarding how to treat with clear aligners: Clear aligners are made of clear plastic or acrylic material and are firmly placed on the teeth. But they can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing. To continue the treatment process and move the teeth to the desired position, you will receive a new plate every few weeks. Orthodontics with transparent aligners are mobile orthodontics and can be easily removed. Steps of invisible orthodontics To perform invisible dental orthodontics, teeth must first be examined. Then, according to the type of orthodontics, the necessary molds should be prepared. If lingual orthodontics is used, imaging of the back of the teeth is done first to design the brackets. Using scanned images, brackets are designed by computer and custom made. But if there is a need for orthodontics with transparent aligners, a 3D model of the teeth is taken and sent to a special laboratory. Plaques are made in the laboratory using computer technology. How long is invisible orthodontic treatment? The duration of invisible orthodontics depends on the severity of dental problems and the type of orthodontics. Usually, the dentist recommends between 6 and 36 months of treatment. Most treatments last between 18 and 24 months. Some people have few problems and achieve the desired result in a short period of time. But in some other people, the displacement of the teeth should be more and the completion of the treatment requires a longer time. You should consult your dentist to know the duration of your treatment. The doctor will examine your teeth and determine the treatment time according to the type of problem. You can contact a good dentist through your doctor’s website. In addition to making an appointment in person, you can consult with a specialist online and by phone. Advantages of invisible orthodontics This orthodontic method has advantages and because of these advantages it has gained many supporters. Among them: it is invisible and suitable for appearing in public. Easy cleaning in invisible orthodontic method with transparent aligners, less possibility of decay in mobile orthodontic method. Disadvantages of invisible orthodontic method. Before performing this orthodontic method, you should compare its advantages and disadvantages and then make a decision Some of the most important disadvantages of this method are: The cost is higher than normal brackets, the length of treatment time in the ceramic bracket method, solving weak to moderate problems, the possibility of missing plaques in the type of movable orthodontics, invisible orthodontics is suitable for whom? This orthodontic method is very suitable for people who have social activities and do not want brackets to be seen on their teeth. Students, salespeople, managers, speakers and many people who talk to different people every day can easily do orthodontics with this option. Invisible braces help to increase self-confidence due to the good appearance they create and are a good alternative to regular wire braces. But this method may not be suitable for everyone. This method is suitable for adults and teenagers. Children should use traditional metal brackets to solve orthodontic problems. After examining the teeth, the doctor will decide whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure or not. Usually, the following conditions can be solved with invisible orthodontics. Overbite or tooth overjet (a condition where the teeth of the upper jaw are placed in front of the teeth of the lower jaw and has a negative effect on the beauty of the smile.) Teeth with a long distance, crooked teeth, invisible tooth orthodontics is a good option for adults and teenagers in old age. If the tooth abnormalities are weak to moderate, this method can be used. If the mouth abnormalities are weak to moderate, the invisible tooth orthodontic method can be used. Invisible orthodontic care in different types of orthodontics, it is very important to observe oral hygiene and failure to observe it can cause tooth decay. After every meal, you should clean your teeth with a toothbrush and floss. More care should be taken in the ceramic bracket type due to the weakness of the brackets. With any pressure and impact, there is a possibility of breaking the brackets. The price of invisible orthodontics, the price of 1401 dental services depends on various factors. The cost of invisible orthodontics is higher than traditional methods. For example, ceramic brackets are more expensive than metal brackets, and some people use this bracket only in the upper jaw or only for the front teeth to reduce the cost. Metal brackets are attached to the rest of the teeth. The approximate cost of invisible orthodontics is 35 to 40 million Tomans. But the price may change according to the type and severity of the tooth abnormality. The price of invisible orthodontics of the upper jaw, the cost of orthodontics of the upper jaw is lower than the orthodontics of the whole teeth. Some people use the invisible method to reduce the cost in the upper jaw and use traditional orthodontics for the lower jaw. Using this method, the price is as low as possible. The best doctor for invisible orthodontics Invisible orthodontics is a new method and not all dentists may be familiar with this method. For this reason, before doing it, you should make sure that the doctor has already done this procedure several times. To visit the best dentist in your city, you can apply through the Doktorto website. In Doctorto there is a list of the best dentists according to the geographical location and available appointments. In addition to making an appointment, you can consult your doctor online or by phone. Frequently asked questions If you are planning to do orthodontics of invisible teeth, you have probably encountered some questions in this regard. For this reason, we have raised some of your frequently asked questions and provided their answers. Does treatment with invisible orthodontics come back? If the length of the treatment is determined by the doctor correctly and the plaque is used regularly in the mobile orthodontic method, there is no possibility of the teeth returning. This method can be successful just like the traditional method. Does invisible orthodontics hurt? In this method, like other orthodontic methods, some pain is felt after each examination and tightening of the wires. In the orthodontic procedure with clear aligners, there is some pain in the first days. By moving the teeth back, this pain disappears. In the orthodontic method with ceramic brackets, due to the brittleness of the brackets, the pressure is less and the pain is less compared to the traditional method. Is invisible orthodontics good? This orthodontic method is a good option for people with minor to moderate dental abnormalities. But in children or people with severe abnormalities, good results cannot be obtained from this method. How many hours a day should you use invisible liner? The invisible aligner should be in the mouth most of the day. Usually, the dentist recommends not to remove the plaque from the mouth for more than 4 hours a day. Otherwise, the treatment effect will be very low. Plaque should be removed only when eating, drinking and brushing teeth. What is the difference between the cost of invisible orthodontics and visible orthodontics? In this method, due to the higher price of the tool, the newness of this method and the customization of plates and brackets, the treatment cost is higher. For this reason, some people use ceramic brackets only for upper jaw teeth or a few front teeth to reduce the cost. What is the best age for invisible orthodontics? In general, it is better to do orthodontics at a young age. Children from the age of about 6 years can have orthodontics. But the orthodontic method of invisible teeth is more recommended for adults and teenagers in old age. Which type of invisible orthodontics is better? Each method can be suitable according to the needs of the person and the degree of tooth abnormality. If the tooth deformity is small and the person wants to appear in public, the invisible orthodontic method with transparent aligners is a good option. Lingual orthodontic method is also well hidden and because it is fixed and more pressure is more effective. Does invisible orthodontics have an effect? If the tooth abnormalities are weak to moderate, invisible orthodontics can have a good effect. But if the dental problems are severe, this method cannot achieve a good result. Does invisible orthodontics cause tooth decay? Any type of orthodontic procedures can cause tooth decay if hygiene is not followed. The presence of a foreign object on the teeth increases the possibility of contamination in the mouth. For this reason, you should clean your teeth and brackets thoroughly with a toothbrush and dental floss after every meal. Does invisible orthodontics change the face? This method can be used to eliminate the distance between the teeth, overbite or tooth overjet and their crookedness. Removing these abnormalities on the face has a great impact and helps to make the face more beautiful. Conclusion and guide to see an invisible orthodontic dentist is one of the new and popular orthodontic methods. People who constantly appear in public and have high social relations can use invisible orthodontic methods. In its movable type, a transparent aligner is used, which can be easily removed. Its fixed types are internal bracket (lingual) and ceramic bracket. Ceramic brackets are placed on the teeth and are the same color as the teeth. But the internal bracket is placed behind the teeth. Each of the orthodontic methods of invisible teeth have advantages and disadvantages. The dentist suggests the best type according to the severity of the abnormality. To find the best dentist, you can go through your doctor’s website. In addition to the face-to-face appointment system, Doktorto also offers online and telephone consultations. Your doctor takes care of your beauty!

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