Where is the best doctor and center for eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)?

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is performed with the aim of removing drooping and wrinkles around the eyelid. This surgery can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids. The close connection of this operation with the health and beauty of the eyes increases its sensitivity. The first step to ensure an excellent result in any operation is choosing the right center. Good performance at this stage depends on your awareness and knowledge. If you have enough knowledge of the characteristics of a reliable eyelid surgery center, you have undoubtedly taken a solid step in this direction. What is blepharoplasty? In the simplest definition, this method can be considered a cosmetic surgery that helps to improve the appearance of the eye and increase the field of vision through the removal of excess skin or fat in the eyelid area. People who are unhappy with their wrinkles, puffiness, accumulation of fat and drooping eyelids are considered the best candidates for blepharoplasty. Most of the people who are genetically affected by droopy eyelids will be involved with serious vision and field of vision problems. Performing eyelid surgery has an effective role in developing the field of vision and solving their vision problems. This surgery is very sensitive and has a direct relationship with the health and beauty of the eyes. The eye is the most sensitive part of the body. Any carelessness during this surgery can cause serious and irreparable damage to the eyes. In addition, the eyes are the main part of the beauty of the face. Unprofessional surgery or trusting novices can negatively affect the beauty of your face and eyes. Reduce the possibility of these problems to zero by choosing a reliable center for eyelid surgery. Features of the best blepharoplasty center If you are interested in eyelid surgery, you should be careful in choosing a clinic and surgeon. With a simple search on the Internet or asking friends and acquaintances, you will come across several different clinics and surgeons. But do you know what important points to pay attention to when choosing a reputable center? Undoubtedly, the reputable blepharoplasty center has unique and outstanding features that can minimize the risks and complications of blepharoplasty. The most important things you should pay attention to when making a decision are: Official license from the Ministry of Health The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a surgery clinic is having a valid license from the Ministry of Health. Many beauty salons and non-recognized centers operate without a license. They usually charge a lower fee than the applicants, but in case of problems after the operation, there is no way to compensate for the financial, life and psychological damages caused by it. Do not forget that without the permission of the Ministry of Health, no group has the authority to perform cosmetic procedures. This license is usually visible to in-person visitors. If you have tried to choose the right center through the Internet or virtual networks, be sure to pay attention to this point. If the license is not on the page, ask the admin to show you the license. Otherwise, this collection is unlicensed and invalid. The professional surgical team of cosmetic procedures is a group process. A doctor alone cannot manage everything that happens in the operating room. Along with an experienced and ethical doctor, the use of a specialist medical team is also effective in improving the quality of surgery and reducing the risk of the operation. Reputable clinics are well aware of the importance of this issue. For this reason, in addition to sensitivity in choosing a surgeon, they focus on getting help from an experienced and expert surgical team. Modern equipment The advances in the medical field have facilitated the surgical process through the production and supply of modern equipment. Using this equipment has two major advantages. Reducing the risk and duration of the operation is the product of using modern equipment. The use of the most modern tools leaves the surgeon’s hand open to show his abilities. Using a regular staff Having a regular staff assures the applicant that you value their time. This helps to communicate better with beauty seekers. All the steps of scheduling appointments, scheduling counseling sessions, operations and subsequent reviews should be done accurately and the staff should feel responsible for the applicant. Characteristics of the best eyelid surgeon Another outstanding feature of reputable clinics is the use of experienced specialists. The success of surgery depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon. Reputable eyelid surgery centers try to get the help of experienced specialists to increase the satisfaction of the clients, improve the quality of surgeries and reduce the possible complications after the operation. The main and distinctive feature of the surgeons of reputable clinics include the following: Expertise: People with university education in cosmetic, ear, nose and throat surgery can easily perform blepharoplasty. These people are fully familiar with the physiological characteristics of people and their facial structure. In some cases, eye surgeons also participate in eyelid surgery. Getting help from people who have expertise related to surgery has a significant effect in reducing the risk of the operation and achieving an ideal result. Expertise: The surgeon may have expertise related to blepharoplasty, but may not have eyelid surgery in his work record. Despite his scientific qualification, this person does not have the full ability to manage the practice. The possibility of causing problems in the operation and serious injury to the applicant increases in such surgeries. This has caused reputable clinics to focus on the surgeon’s skill and experience in addition to the appropriateness of the surgeon’s expertise. To ensure the skill of the surgeon, you can check his history and portfolio. Ethical orientation: Despite having sufficient knowledge and skills, some experts face problems in communicating with beauty seekers. The ethics of the surgeon and the way he communicates with the beautician is one of the main and distinguishing aspects of the specialist doctor from his other colleagues. The main steps in choosing a reputable eyelid surgery center Knowing the outstanding features of the best blepharoplasty center is not enough to choose the right clinic. You should know what methods you can use to find enough information about treatment centers. There are many simple ways to find out about clinics and their surgical procedures. We explain the most important methods below. You can use one or more methods to check clinics according to your needs and conditions. Use of social networks: due to the increasing acceptance of cosmetic surgery by the audience and the attention of the treatment staff to the importance of the virtual space for advertising, you can find information about the clinics and their treatment staff with a simple search in various media. Don’t forget, in this case, you should focus on the portfolio, skills of surgeons, equipment and their license. Checking through friends and acquaintances: If someone in your friends and relatives has done blepharoplasty, it is the best opportunity. You can ask questions about the clinic’s services, the surgeon’s skill and the quality of the operation. These people can be the best examples to check the surgeon’s expertise. Be sure to use their guidance. Visiting the clinics in person: If it is possible for you, definitely visit the clinics in person. Check the behavior of the staff and their response type. Attend a counseling session. This meeting is very useful in determining the mastery and skill level of the surgeon. Paying attention to the surgeon’s work history is very important. Ask him to show you his portfolio. For sure, you will see people who have come to check the result of the operation in the consultation session. Be sure to ask them questions about the level of satisfaction with the performance of the surgical team. Getting to know the complications of eyelid surgery, the quality of blepharoplasty operation and its result depends on the knowledge, skill and experience of the surgeon. Undoubtedly, no expert and experienced doctor is willing to cooperate with unauthorized clinics. Never be fooled by the advertisements of these centers. The low cost of these centers is not considered a savings. The problems you will face after the operation are irreparable. In some cases, even by paying several times the cost of the operation, you cannot solve the complications caused by eyelid surgery in unauthorized centers. In general, these side effects of eyelid surgery can be categorized as follows: Dry eyes: This side effect may be temporary and can be resolved by using eye drops or ointment. But the inexperience of the surgeon or the use of old equipment causes permanent damage to the eye, and you may be forever involved with the pain and burning caused by dry eye. Tearing of the eyes: One of the complications that occurs due to the inexperience of the surgeon is the constant shedding of tears from the eyes after blepharoplasty. Creating a wound in the eyelid: In blepharoplasty, it is necessary to make an incision in the eyelid to remove the fat mass and drooping eyelid. But an experienced surgeon is usually professional in the stitching stage and no scars or stitches can be seen after the recovery period. In cases where blepharoplasty is performed clumsily and in illegal centers, the effects of this injury will remain until the end of life. Inability to close the eyes: In most people who have had this surgery done in illegal centers, the eyelids have been seriously damaged. The severity of this injury will vary from person to person. The common point between all of them is that they have a serious problem in opening and closing the eyelids. In severe cases, the person cannot close his eyes. Factors affecting the cost of blepharoplasty The most important factor in determining the cost of eyelid surgery is the skill and experience of the surgeon. It is natural that high skill and experience increase the cost of the operation. It is true that you pay a high price, but the result of this type of operation is excellent. The amount of drooping of the eyelid and the extent of the operation are also important in determining the cost of the operation. The problems in the eyelids of different people are different from each other. This factor is effective in determining the operation time. People whose range of drooping and eyelid problems are wider need to spend more time and energy to treat this condition. As a result, the cost of the operation will increase. You should add the cost and salary of the operating room staff to the previous costs. The more modern equipment is used for the operation and the more staff, the cost will increase. The applicant may need hospitalization and paraclinical services after the operation. This should also be taken into account when calculating the cost. Don’t forget the cost of medicines and post-operative care requirements. If you have already performed blepharoplasty in illegal clinics or by an inexperienced surgeon and you are not satisfied with the result, if you want to choose the right place for eyelid surgery to reduce the risk of operation and complications to zero, the staff and surgical team of White House Clinic with A lot of patience and tolerance, use of modern equipment and modern knowledge are ready to serve you dear ones. To get more information, online consultation or book a treatment appointment, please contact our consultants: Special line: 021-54503 Direct line: 021-88670648 | 88662860 – 021 Immediate response: 88876883 | 88875937 | 88670649 Cosmetic surgery consultant: 09016590119 At what age can blepharoplasty be performed? Due to the fact that some people suffer from this condition genetically and from birth, the conditions for eyelid surgery are ready from the age of 18. Are the results of eyelid surgery permanent? This depends entirely on the skill and experience of the surgeon. Using an experienced surgeon, the result of blepharoplasty will be permanent. Is blepharoplasty dangerous? Eyelid surgery is very simple and less complicated. If you are careful in choosing a surgeon and clinic, no complications will occur during or after the operation. How to reduce the possibility of risk during the operation and the occurrence of complications after it? This factor depends on the skill of the surgeon, the sterility of the equipment and the expertise of the surgical team. If you are careful at this stage and do the post-operative care correctly, you will not face any problems.

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